Chapter 730 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 1

Mrs. Qin immediately called Northern Metropolitan Daily again, but no one picked up…

"This is absolutely insane, how dare they twist the truth? I'm going to go cause a scene there."

"You should really settle down… you still don't think our family is humiliated enough? Our son has been busy with the company's thirty-year anniversary recently, so stop causing more trouble," Qin Yumin consoled.

"Causing more trouble? I'm doing this for his own good… if the emperors in the olden days had a vixen around him, then his country and state wouldn't last for very long… Our son is that emperor right now, and Huo Mian is that vixen! Don't you understand?"

"I don't, I don't understand what's going on in your brain."

Not only did Mrs. Qin's absurdity trouble her son, her husband, Qin Yumin, couldn't take it anymore either.

He couldn't approve of her actions and behaviors at all…

"I don't need you to understand it, and I don't even need you to help me, but you cannot oppose me."

"If you keep causing trouble like this, then… you'll stay here yourself. I've already booked a plane ticket… and plan to go to Hawaii right after the thirty-year-anniversary party."

"What do you mean? Are you going to leave me here?" Mrs. Qin looked at her husband in disbelief.

"If I bring you along, will you come with me?"

"Of course not. I still haven't fixed our son's issue."

"Then what else is there to say… since you won't come with me, then I can only go alone."

"Qin Yumin, are you cheating on me? Do you have a mistress in Hawaii now?"

Mrs. Qin mocked sarcastically.

Qin Yumin was so angry that his hands trembled…

"What are you even talking about? What woman, what mistress? Look at how old I am, how could you humiliate me like that?"

"Then why are you in such a hurry to get rid of me? I've already said that I'll come with you after I fix up our son's issue."

"I don't think you can never fix it. You might as well just stay here alone and be tormented, I'm done with you." Then, Qin Yumin stood up and left...

"Qin Yumin, come back and explain it to me! What do you mean by done with me? Do you really want to get a divorce?"
"Sure… whatever you want." Qin Yumin wasn't threatened by her talks of divorce.

He walked straight upstairs and into the study…

"Well… Qin Yumin, you won't take care of your son's issue, but you've got the mind to divorce me. Are you sure you don't have a woman on the side? How infuriating!"

Mrs. Qin roared and yelled in anger…

The maids were so scared that they all hid in the kitchen, not daring to make any noise…

The Qin Manor was becoming harder and harder to live in because Mrs. Qin's temper was growing more and more unstable.

Mrs. Qin couldn't step into GK because Qin Chu forbade his mother from going inside.

So, she kept calling him, again and again…

Qin Chu would refuse her calls, yet she would continue calling with great persistence…

Qin Chu was just in a meeting but his cell phone kept ringing, so he made a gesture with his hand to pause it.
Then he stood up and walked into another room.

"Mom… what's wrong?"

"Son… hurry back, your dad wants to divorce me," Mrs. Qin wailed through the phone.

"Divorce? That can't be." Qin Chu was startled.

"It's true, he said so himself. He's leaving right after the thirty-year-anniversary party. I think he might have a mistress in America since he is in such a hurry to leave me behind. You spent so many years there, you must have friends. Hurry and investigate your father for me."

Qin Chu was silent for a bit, then he quietly said, "Mom, you're overthinking. Dad isn't that type of person."

"What do you mean by that? He won't be able to stand a little vixen's seductions, just like how you can't. I've always thought that my son was the smartest man in the whole world, but what happened in the end? A woman got you all rattled up." Qin Chu was speechless that Mrs. Qin could drag Huo Mian into this topic again.

Qin Chu got a headache just from listening to her…