Chapter 728 Come and Be My Bridesmaid 9

"He didn't tell me anything, it was just a guess."

"Then you've guessed quite right, President Huo." Huo Mian sneered.

"Don't worry, Huo Siyi is terrified of you now. He didn't have the guts to tell us what happened. The old man just asked him the other day, and he said that he fell, but it didn't look like it. Someone clearly beat him up. Given Huo Siyi's temper, if he refused to tell us who beat him up, then he must be hiding something… I heard that he picked on Jing Zhixin a while ago, so I assumed that you were the one who did this to him."

"You sure know quite a lot." Huo Mian really didn't like how Huo Siqian always figured things out.

It was as if he knew everything and had everything under control…

"I'm only here to tell you to stay away from Huo Siyi in the near future."

"Because you're going to lay your hands on him?" Huo Mian asked in response.

"You're smart." Huo Siqian reached out his finger and flicked Huo Mian on the head with spoiling adoration.

"Have you planned all of it?"

"Yes, everything is going successfully… Anyways, just wait for the good news… but the old man might be in a very wretched state when he is toppled down. He might ask you and Qin Chu for help, so don't grow soft on him when that time comes," warned Huo Siqian.

"Don't you worry… I won't feel bad for him. I wouldn't forgive him for helping Shen Jiani and threatening me and my mom with the forced demolition."

"Okay, then good… as long as you won't intervene, he is doomed for sure."

"Doomed for sure? Are you really going all out to destroy him?"

Huo Mian kept thinking that Huo Siqian was about to play dirty…

"I'm not the type that only cuts the weed and doesn't pull up the root. He'll be more troubling if I leave him around, don't worry… I would never kill the old man. After all, he did raise me." Huo Siqian chuckled.

Just as the two spoke, a sharp voice suddenly sounded from behind him…

"I knew you were meeting other men behind Chu's bad, are you having an affair while my son is busy working…? Luckily, I've caught you in the act. How shameless are you to act like this in broad daylight?"

Mrs. Qin walked over in a long black velvet dress, with a maid behind her.

She had been discharged from the hospital and was heading home to recover…

However, she refused to let Huo Mian off the hook so easily, so she came to stir up trouble early in the morning.

"Uhm… what is that old lady… up to?" Huo Siqian froze.

"She's Qin Chu's mom." Huo Mian felt a bit helpless.

She really didn't want to fight with older people, especially Qin Chu's mother.

However, Mrs. Qin kept coming over and causing trouble, causing Huo Mian to become a bit speechless seeing how determined she was…

"I'll call my son right now, and tell him to come and watch you hiding away in the hospital hallway, and having an affair in broad daylight."

After Mrs. Qin spoke, she took out her cellphone…

"Hurry up and call him. While you're at it, tell him to delivery two portions of lunch, because my big brother will be eating here as well."

"Big brother?" Mrs. Qin was a bit stunned.

"Hello, Mrs. Qin, I'm Huo Siqian."

"You're from the Huo Family?" Mrs. Qin's expression turned uglier.

"Madam… I think you misunderstood, this man is the young heir of the Huo Family, and the Young Madam's older brother."
"What older brother, he is only just a foster son… without any biological connections… She might be calling him 'brother' in front of everyone, but who knows what they're up to under the table?" Mrs. Qin argued irrationally.

Huo Siqian's expressions gradually grew cold…

There were two things that he couldn't tolerate, one was using his foster son identity against him, and the second was bullying Huo Mian in front of him.

Unfortunately, Qin Chu's mother was unreasonable enough to break both of these all at once…

Huo Siqian's facial expression turned grim…

He looked at Mrs. Qin and said, "Mrs. Qin, it's best to watch what you say. After all, you come from an affluent society, so you shouldn't act like a wild shrew… Not only will you embarrass the Qin Family, but you will also humiliate GK… Sometimes, talking sh*t doesn't prove anything but how brainless one is."
"Who are you calling brainless?" Mrs. Qin was furious.

"I didn't even mention your name, why would you think of yourself like that? Plus… after meeting you today, I've suddenly grown to respect Chairman Qin. With a wife like you, I'm surprised that he never cheated. he indeed has an abnormal amount of willpower." 

Huo Siqian never spoke a single dirty word when he cursed, but it was definitely enough to make a person feel upset and resented.

Even Huo Mian wanted to give him a thumbs up and praise him after she heard him stand off against Qin Chu's mother.

"What… did you just say?" Mrs. Qin was so mad that her face turned flush white.