Chapter 71: Rumors

"Hi there, Mian, my little sister. It's only been a few days since we last met, but you've gotten even prettier."

Huo Siqian was dressed in a mulberry blazer with black dress pants. Each article of clothing on him was from a luxury designer brand.

Unlike Qin Chu, his taste in clothing leaned toward the ostentatious, preferring brighter colors such as pink and dark purple.

Huo Siqian was 29 years old and fairly good-looking in a gentlemanly kind of way.

This, along with the fact that he was the Huo Corporation's Vice President, made him quite popular in high-society circles.

He was also supposedly the ultimate playboy. His female companions ranged from celebrities and international supermodels to cultured heiresses; he had had more girlfriends than he had fingers. He frequently appeared in entertainment magazines. Nonetheless, the public opinion of him was very high.

He was said to be the future helmsman of the Huo Corporation. Evidently, despite being an adopted son, his status had exceeded that of the siblings borne by Huo Zhenghai's mistress.

Wherever he went, Huo Siqian wore bedroom eyes and a fox-like smile. He was well-liked by women.

The young nurses at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department were all enamored and stole glances at him.
"How many times have I said this, don't call me that. I'm not your little sister." Huo Mian's reaction was uncharacteristically cold.

"Alright, Huo Mian. I have a favor to ask of you today. I have a female friend who wants to get a gynecology checkup, but your hospital's specialist appointments are really hard to make. Luckily, I remembered that you worked in the OB/GYN Department. Can you ask around and see if you can get an appointment for her?"

"No. I'm just an intern nurse, and I don't have that kind of authority. Mr. Huo, with your influence, you can go straight to the director."

With that, Huo Mian turned around and walked into the OB/GYN Department examination room, not paying him any more attention.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, didn't seem upset at all. He only gave a dry smile.

As the Vice President of the Huo Corporation, he could obviously get an express pass at any hospital. There was really no need for him to ask a little gopher like Huo Mian.

However, he especially liked making contact with her. Whenever he saw her, his mood would unexplainably brighten.

Right then, a woman with delicate features walked out from the OB/GYN attendings' outpatient room. She looped her hands affectionately around Huo Siqian's arm.

"Siqian, the doctor said I've caught a chill. He told me to eat less seafood. It looks like we can't go to the beach during the holidays anymore."

"That's alright, I'll warm you up when we get home."

"Oh, stop it, you. Heh, you're always toying with me," the woman whined playfully. After that, the two turned around and walked away.

"Sister Huo, who was that just now?" One of the nurses, Huang Yue asked, intrigued. "He's pretty good looking, and he's wearing designer clothing. He's clearly some kind of rich boy."

"He's a friend of a friend of a friend. I don't know him well either." Huo Mian never really liked talking about the Huo Family.

"Huang Yue, you dummy. Don't you read the newspaper? Wasn't that Prince Huo? As expected from one of C City's Four Princes, he is both handsome and rich. He's so much better looking in person than in his photos. The only downside is that he's a bit of a playboy," one of the other younger nurses said.

"Four Princes? I've never heard of them," Huang Yue said, perplexed.

"That's why I said you're from the countryside. The Four Princes are considered the most eligible bachelors in high society, all supposedly unmarried. Huo Siqian is ranked second. From what I've heard, the third prince is the second son of Southern City Corporation's Wei Family, Wei Liao, and the fourth is the son of the president of Beiyang Automotive, Shen Mingxi."

"Hm? Then who's the first?" Huang Yue was even more curious.
"The first? That person is something else. He's also my dream boyfriend. He's our city's most handsome and wealthy Super Crown Prince, Su Yu."

"Huh? Su Yu… I think I've heard of him. Isn't his dad the guy who's ranked in Forbes' top five? The one who started off in private banking? They say his family's bank has now spread across the country," Huang Yue said, fascinated.

"Yeah, but Prince Su owns his own entertainment company, specializing in creating superstars. Out of the four most popular divas in the entertainment scene right now, two belong to Prince Su's label."

Huo Mian listened quietly, not interjecting. She had no interest in these things whatsoever.

Just then, an older nurse walked in and threw them a look of disdain.

"What Four Princes?" She said, "you're way behind the times. Right now, the hottest new bachelor is the Prince of the GK Corporation. Rumors say he's been back in the country for nearly a month now and has already secretly taken over the company. But he's apparently very modest and doesn't accept any interviews from the media. I heard that he's super good-looking. I really wish I could see him for myself."

"Really? GK's heir? Why haven't I heard about him?" one of the young nurses muttered.

Huang Yue, on the other hand, interjected excitedly, "I know that GK's Prince went to 2nd High School. My older sister went there as well, just a year after him. I know that his name is Qin Chu, but they said that he left the country for a long time. Did he come back? Why hasn't there been any news?"

With that, Huang Yue tugged at Huo Mian, "Miss Huo, didn't you go to 2nd High School as well? You should know more, right? Come on, tell us about this Prince of GK. I really want to know. My sister once said that Qin Chu was super hot."