Chapter 64: Buying Car

"Mr. Qin, did our company just score a really good project or something?" one of the Deputy Directors asked, ready to suck up to the boss.

Qin Chu thought for a moment. With his hand against his forehead, he said thoughtfully, "Good project? Yeah, it's a project that's been on my mind for years now. It's finally settled."

"That's fantastic. Can you tell us what this project is? We'd like to share in your joy!" The Deputy Director continued to flatter.

Unexpectedly, Qin Chu slowly rose to his feet. Smoothing out his collar, he said calmly, "You don't need to know. In any case, today is a good day."

With that, Qin Chu turned around and left.

Behind him was a room full of bewildered executives.

Yang quietly counted his fingers. The corporate headquarters held two thousand employees in total, with a combined monthly salary of eight million yuan. With his statement today, the president had issued another eight million in spending. Rich people sure can do whatever comes to their mind, he thought.

Their boss, in particular, was exceptionally so.

"Uh… Mr. Qin." Assistant Yang jogged up to Qin Chu.


"There's something I've been meaning to say."

"Say it."

"But I'm afraid it might make you mad."

"Then don't say it." Qin Chu's reply nearly sent Yang straight into tears.

"No, no. I really need to talk to you about this."

"Say it."

"When are you planning to give my car back to me?"

Yang was wearing an agonized expression. Right now, he was driving his boss's Audi R8 to and from work, every day. Having to endure his co-workers' gossiping was one thing, but god knows how terrified he had been of accidentally scraping his boss's car. That wasn't something he could afford to pay compensation for.

Sure, his boss's car was insured. However, if he actually were to scratch his boss's precious car, then it wouldn't just be a matter of money. He might even lose his job.

To Yang, this assistant position had been like a pie that fell into his lap from the sky.
The last person on this position was a highly capable middle-aged lady. However, as soon as the new president took over the position, he promoted her to a director and transferred her to a branch company. The opening she had left behind was filled through external hiring. However, of all the applicants, the new president had chosen him, the most unimpressive of the bunch.

When GK called and told him to come to work, he thought it was a hoax.

Only later did he find out that rumors had it that the new president chose him for only two reasons.

First, he was a guy. The new president seemed to dislike unnecessary contact with women.

Second, he attended 2nd High School. Rumor had it that the president himself had been a student there. Technically, they were alumni of the same school.

Yang wasn't stupid. He had the vague impression that 2nd High seemed to hold some kind of significance to the new president.

However, the president was extremely unpredictable. First, he borrowed his Volkswagen CC. Then, he told him to drive his Audi R8. The situation left Yang rather depressed.

After listening to Yang's request, Qin Chu paused in thought. Then, he asked, "Is my car not fast enough?"

Yang shook his hands. "No, no. It's way too fast."

"Then you don't like the color?"

"No, no. Mr. Qin, I like the color, too. It's grand, classy, and obviously high-end."

"Then, you think it's not eye-catching enough? If that's the case, I have other cars in my garage - Ferrari, Lamborghini..."

Before Qin Chu had even finished, Yang was already on the verge of falling to his knees.

"Mr. Qin. It's TOO eye-catching, and it doesn't fit someone of my station. I'm just an assistant. How could I afford to drive such an expensive car? For the past few days, I haven't even been able to sleep at night. During the day, I'm afraid it'll get scratched. At night, I worry that someone might steal it. Mr. Qin, please, spare me and give my car back to me."

Seeing Yang's sincerity, Qin Chu nodded after some thought. "Fine, if it's troubling you that much, you can have your car back."

"Thank you for your kindness." Yang finally let out a sigh of relief.

"Give your store a call later. Order a car exactly like yours and have it delivered to me."

"Wait…" Once again, Yang was left dumbstruck.

He really didn't understand. Why would the president lower himself by insisting on driving a Volkswagen? Was it because it was made domestically?

Could the president be a true patriot?

After some silent debate in his head, Yang asked hesitantly, "Sir, do you know how to sing the national anthem?"

Qin Chu's brows furrowed slightly. He stared, perplexed, at this oddball assistant of his.