Chapter 637 High-Key Announcing the Relationship 7

"Mr. Su, don't flatter me, Imperial Star is the home to so many famous stars, so how could you guys even make room for a little star like me?" Mo Xue'er was extremely talented, so even when she was speaking with a big character like Su Yu, she was still very confident, which the others admired.

Wei Liao and Su Yu both laughed# and didn't say anything.

Huo Siqian hung out with them for a bit before looking at the time. It was late, so he led Mo Xue'er out of Seductive Fox.

Everyone else left and went about their own ways#

Perhaps it was because she drank quite a lot today, but she wrapped her arms around Huo Siqian's neck, refusing to let go.

"I can't today," Huo Siqian decisively refused.

"Why not#?" Mo Xue'er was a bit disappointed.
"Xue'er# you never ask why," Huo Siqian smiled, got into his car, and then drove away with her.

"I think I might know. The truth is# I knew from the day I first saw her. Her eyes look a lot like mine# No, they're prettier than mine# so you're only good to me because of her this whole time, right?"

"Xue'er# women shouldn't be too smart, it's too tiring."

Huo Siqian didn't directly respond, but it was as if he indirectly confessed#

Mo Xue'er felt extremely uncomfortable, but she tried to not show it#

She didn't say anything along the way until they arrived at her place.

Mo Xue'er wasn't willing to give up, so she asked, "You're really not coming up with me? It's fine if you don't stay, but we can at least fool around."

Mo Xue'er was very straightforward; what she meant was that he didn't have to stay overnight and could leave as soon as they finished having sex#

However, Huo Siqian still refused, "Go upstairs, it's getting late."

"Okay then, be careful on the way back. Bye."

Finally, Mo Xue'er reluctantly waved and turned to head upstairs#

Huo Siqian drove away in the new Bentley the old man gave him#

- Late at night, at 11:30 PM -

It took a while for Huo Mian to adjust to the new bed, and because she was used to the bed at Imperial Park, she even had trouble sleeping when she first spent the night at South Hill Manor.

It was because she wasn't used to it#

She originally thought that she wouldn't be able to sleep over here, but to her surprise, the incense in the room smelled really nice.

She actually fell asleep in a daze# she had never smelled this scent, even as a medical professional.

It was a very strange scent#
What she didn't know was that there was a unique hypnotic perfume inside the incense lamp.

So Huo Mian slept very heavily#

Just then, the door of the room slowly opened#

Huo Siqian walked in wearing a pair of simple and clean black pants and a white shirt.

He slowly walked to the side of the bed and looked at Huo Mian, who was deep asleep. His expression became gentle#
He reached out to pull on the corner of the blanket and covered her up#

Then, he looked at her extremely delicate face and quietly said, "Mian, finally# it's only you and me left in this world."

Yes, at that very moment, only the two of them were left in the world, in this space reserved only for them.

Everyone in the Huo Family had fallen asleep, while Huo Siqian stood beside the bed, greedily looking at Huo Mian.

It was as if he could never get enough looking at her#

Her sleeping at the Huo Mansion was a rare luxury for him#

It was him who got Mo Xue'er to give up her future in Hollywood, and this was the chance that he received in exchange.

His condition was very simple, it was to get her to stay overnight by herself#

Even though he clearly knew that Huo Mian was deep asleep and that she wouldn't know even if he did anything, he still chose not to do anything#

Under the blurry moonlight# he inspected Huo Mian's delicate nose and her ruby lips#

Huo Siqian felt like something began to slowly grow inside his heart#

"Mian# you're so great# but how long do I really have to wait# how long do I have to wait for you?" Huo Siqian's eyes deepened.