Chapter 631 High-Key Announcing the Relationship 1

"I know." Huo Mian glanced at Huo Siqian for a brief second before quietly getting on her Audi R8.

They drove different cars and headed towards the Huo Mansion#

The good news was, Qin Chu was still in T City. If he was at home, there was no way he would let her spend the night at the Huo Mansion.

Who were the Huos? A bunch of wild animals.

- Half an hour later, at the Huo Mansion -

Changing out of her uniform, Huo Mian put on simple clothes.

However, ever since she married Qin Chu, she had been wearing brand-name clothing. Today, she was wearing a Channel floral pattern dress from this season, paired with a white cardigan and pale-pink heels. Her heels weren't high, but they looked delicate and cute on her.

Everyone was surprised to see Huo Mian walk in#

"Mian, you're back?" Huo Zhenghai sat on a European-style couch and asked her.

"Yeah." Huo Mian's reaction was as indifferent as it always was.

"You knew it was Huo Siqian's birthday today? Everyone's here today, it's great that we can have a family gathering," Huo Zhenghai said profoundly.

Surprised, Huo Mian paused for a moment before turning around to glance at Huo Siqian#

So, it was his birthday today. But he didn't say anything about it. She didn't even buy him a present or cake.

Wow, that's awkward#

"Dinner's almost ready# Hey, where's Yanyan? Isn't she back yet?" Huo Zhenghai's wife, Jiang Hong, sat down beside Huo Zhenghai, pretending to ask.

Huo Siyi played with his phone as he answered, "She said that her car broke down and needed to be taken to the shop. She said not to wait for her."

"She could've left her car there and came back. She's so unbelievable these days." Huo Zhenghai pretended to be angry.

"Was her car actually broken, or does she not want to drive it out of the parking lot of the bar#" Jiang Hong half-jokingly said.

Shen Jiani immediately objected, "Don't say that, Yanyan may be stubborn, but she knows that it's her brother's birthday today. She knows when to behave. I'm sure that something went wrong with her car; Zhenghai, Yanyan's Porsche has been having problems, maybe it's because of the accidents she had gotten into. The car parts are probably damaged, maybe we should buy her a new one."

"Okay, do as you see fit."

"Okay." Shen Jiani smiled; not only did she get Huo Yanyan out of trouble, she also got her daughter a new car. Talk about scheming.

One of the reasons Huo Mian hated the Huo Family was that it was always filled with gunfire.

They were constantly prepared for war and didn't seem like a family at all.

Even if they lived in a billion-yuan mansion with gold-plated decorations, she would rather live in her sweet little home back in the 'poor people district'.

This just proves# that money can't buy you everything#

"Since Yanyan isn't back yet, let's not wait for her. Dinner's ready, Mian is probably already hungry," Huo Siqian said with a smile.

Then, the group walked to a spacious dining room on the first floor#

Huo Siqian sat beside Huo Zhenghai, and Huo Mian sat beside Huo Siqian.

Then sat Jiang Hong, Shen Jiani, and Huo Siyi#

There were 18 dishes on the table. It seemed like the Huo Family took Huo Siqian's birthday seriously. After all, they were still pretending to be one big happy family.

The maid came out with a few bottles of expensive red wine and poured them each a glass.

When the bottle reached Huo Mian, she immediately covered her glass with her hand. "Can I get something non-alcoholic? I can't drink."

"We're celebrating today, and you rarely ever come home for dinner. Have some." Huo Zhenghai seemed to be commanding her, not allowing for her to refuse.

However, Huo Mian still insisted#

"I've been allergic to alcohol recently and can't drink. Can I get some watermelon juice?" Huo Mian glanced at the maid.

Awkward, the maid looked at Huo Zhenghai#

Before anyone could say anything, Huo Siqian said, "Get her some watermelon juice."

"Yes, Young Master."

At Huo Siqian's command, the maid immediately ran into the kitchen to get some watermelon juice and placed it by Huo Mian.

Then, everyone raised their glass and wished Huo Siqian a happy birthday#

"Little Sister Mian, shouldn't you say something?" Huo Siqian tilted his head at Huo Mian; she wasn't sure if he was smiling or just faking it.

"I wish that you get blessed with a child soon." As soon as Huo Mian finished speaking, everyone burst into laughter#