Chapter 629 Just You and Me Left in This World 9

"Huo Mian, do you believe in karma? I think that everything that's happened to me so far is karma. When I began dating Ning Zhiyuan, you guys probably didn't even completely break up yet. Back then, he flirted with He Man and me at the same time. I na?vely thought that he loved me, that we were meant to be, and that you were history. But now that I think about it, I was such a fool. You climbed out of a bear trap, but I jumped in myself."

"He didn't use to be like this, maybe he was provoked."

Huo Mian thought back to their time in university; Ning Zhiyuan was really good to her.

Why else would she initially consider marrying him?

Why would he be like that now? Ning Zhiyuan said that it was because Huo Mian provoked him.

But Huo Mian never asked him to hire prostitutes, look for mistresses, spend every day at the bar, and be an asshole.

In the end, he chose the path that he eventually went down#

A man who blamed a woman for all the unfortunate things that had happened to them was never going to go far in life#

"You're wrong, maybe he was always like that, but he just hid it really well when he was with you. 'A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and a long task proves the character of a man'. After we got married, we spent every day together, so I quickly found out who he really was. I just feel bad for my daughter."

"So, what do you plan to do now?" worried, Huo Mian asked her.

"Get divorced# as soon as I recover, I'm suing for divorce."

"Is your family okay with it?"

"Yeah, my uncle said that he's going to fire Ning Zhiyuan because he's no use to the Ophthalmology Department anymore. He's always drunk and can't even perform simple surgeries. All he does is drive around my BMW and hit on girls," Wu Xiaoxue said angrily.

"You're still recovering from childbirth and need to take care of yourself. Don't get so angry# Chronic diseases will be hard to recover from."

"I know." Then, Wu Xiaoxue said, "Huo Mian."


"I'm leaving#"

"To where?" Surprised, Huo Main didn't expect Wu Xiaoxue to say something like this.

"After I recover and get divorced, I'm going to take my daughter abroad. We're going to go live in the United States. My father bought me a house there, and my parents are coming with me. I want to leave this place, I've suffered so much here. If I go abroad, I would be able to start over."

"That's good# with your talents and background, you'll be able to live a better life, no matter where you go. Your child will enjoy a better education as well."

"Yeah, I thought so too. Can we meet up before I leave? I appreciate everything you've done to save me and my daughter."

"Sounds good, just give me a call when the time comes."

"Okay then, get some rest soon. Goodbye."

"Goodbye." After saying goodbye, Huo Mian hung up her phone with a heavy heart.

Time passed by so fast, back when Wu Xiaoxue first came to the hospital, she was domineering and arrogant.

After hearing what He Man said, she was provoked and began picking on Huo Mian#

Back then, Huo Mian really didn't like her. She thought that Wu Xiaoxue was crazy and suffered from 'Princess Syndrome'.

But now, Wu Xiaoxue finally saw through life. After she was betrayed, heartbroken, and almost died, she finally became a mother. Now that Huo Mian thought of it, Wu Xiaoxue's life really hadn't been easy...

But why would Ning Zhiyuan act like that?

She hadn't seen him in a while now#

What kind of man would not even care about his own daughter?

Qin Chu drove his Maybach all the way to an illegal clinic in the outskirts of town.

Rick was dressed in a black leather outfit. "We were going to take him to T City but were ambushed and he was shot. Whoever it was came prepared."

Qin Chu nodded. He walked in and saw a dying man on a bed, with pools of blood on his chest.

"Since you're dying, you might as well tell me who ordered you to screw up construction." Qin Chu's expression was icy as he faintly spoke.