Chapter 626 Just You and Me Left in This World 6

"AHHHH# where are you? I'm heading there now? I love Christina, why are you with her? Holy crap, I can't believe you didn't take me to meet her, I'm ending our friendship#" Zhu Lingling was the first to comment.

"Haha, didn't you see GK's opening ceremony today? I even walked the red carpet," Huo Mian asked back.

"I saw the live broadcast, but# which one were you?" Zhu Lingling was super confused.

"Screw you#" She was speechless that after being friends with Zhu Lingling for all these years, she failed to recognize her.

"Stop with the nonsense! Get me an autograph! Hurry up!"

"No, it's too embarrassing. We're eating at a crawfish restaurant."

"Oh my god, I'm super jealous# I'm in Y City, or else I would definitely hunt you down and mooch food and celebrities off you. By the way, Andrew is so hot, I really want to sleep with him."

As soon as she wrote that, Gao Ran immediately replied, "If you don't have the skills, don't sculpt porcelain. You won't be able to withstand his size."

"F**k you. Of course I can. Either way, it's better than your 3-centimeter long sausage."

Huo Mian was speechless as she replied, "You guys are so dirty! So# you know his size? Since when did you guys start mating?"

"Don't listen to her bullshit, I've never touched her." Gao Ran immediately tried to shake her accusations off.

"My a*s, you didn't touch me? Who the hell did you latch onto that time at the hotel? A husky?" Zhu Lingling was furious#

Huo Mian couldn't control it and immedaitely laughed out loud at the conversation on her phone#

Qin Chu turned his head and looked at Huo Mian. "What are you laughing about?"

Huo Mian didn't respond, but instead, showed Qin Chu her phone#

Qin Chu smiled as well#

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling really did make a good team#

It was a shame that they won't team up to do standup comedy#

They had a lot of fun eating at this crawfish restaurant, and Huo Mian kept taking photos and chatting with Christina.

By the time she turned around, Qin Chu had quietly unshelled a plateful of crawfish for her.

Huo Mian looked at the glistening white crawfish meat and suddenly became hungry. She picked some up and gobbled them down.

Qin Chu gently wiped her mouth with a napkin, as if he were taking care of a little kid#

Andrew chuckled and said in English, "If I didn't see it for my own eyes, I would find it hard to imagine that Qin would be so gentle. When I first met him at Harvard, he was as icy as the South Pole."

Rick smiled. "It depends on who he's with. With his wife, he'll always be the best husband."

Christina said enviously, "Andrew, if you treat me like Qin treats his wife, then I'll marry you."

"But I wasn't planning on proposing." Andrew laughed.

Christina laughed as well and started lightly punching Andrew#

The atmosphere was really nice#

Huo Mian suddenly exclaimed that no matter how big a celebrity was, she was still a normal person. She still laughed, cried and got mad, and beat someone's as*, just like everyone else.

Christina was really amiable when they actually hung out#

After dinner, the group went to Rick's Seductive Fox for karaoke#

- The top floor of Seductive Fox -

While Huo Mian and Christina were in the corridors, they were caught by surprise when Tang Chuan jumped at them.

"Goddess, please sign this autograph for me."

Christina, petrified, quickly hid behind Huo Mian#

"Don't be scared, he's my friend." Huo Mian introduced him like this.

"Head Nurse, tell her I'm a huge fan." Tang Chuan couldn't hold it back anymore. If Wei Liao hadn't stopped him at the opening ceremony, he would've run up instantly#

"Tang Chuan, does your mother know how shameless you are in front of white women?"

Not far behind them was Wei Liao, who teased Tang Chuan. Beside him was Su Yu, in a white Versace outfit.

Huo Mian put away her smile at the sight of Su Yu#