Chapter 625 Just You and Me Left in This World 5

"I might# have to pick up an extra shift this weekend." In the end, Huo Mian chose to lie.

She didn't want Qin Chu to know that she agreed to Huo Siqian's request for the benefit of his company.

His request wasn't unreasonable, but she didn't have the guts to tell Qin Chu#

"Oh, next week then, it's okay." Qin Chu didn't think too much into it.

The two drove for a little over 20 minutes before stopping outside a spicy crawfish restaurant.

It wasn't a big restaurant, but the decorations were stylish, like that of a historical hostel. The entire restaurant was made of wood.

"You like crawfish?" Huo Mian had known Qin Chu for so long but never realized that he liked crawfish. She was surprised.

"Someone's treating."

Qin Chu smiled mysteriously#

Then, he held her hand in his, and the two of them walked into a private room#

Inside were three people, one of which was Rick, the owner of Seductive Fox.

The other two people were the show-stopping international superstars, Christina and Andrew.

"Hey, Qin, come, sit down," Andrew greeted them passionately.

"Allow me to introduce to you guys my wife, Huo Mian," Qin Chu said in fluent American English.

Huo Mian smiled and responded in English, "Hi, nice to meet you guys, I'm Huo Mian."

Then, they sat down#

To Huo Mian's surprise, everyone on the table conversed in American English#

The good thing was, she had practiced conversing in English during high school, so she could understand them.

But# the only awkward thing was that they were all speaking American English, but because Huo Mian had never been abroad, her English was relatively Chinglish, which was more or less comical.

Christina grabbed Huo Mian's hand and kept complimenting her in English, "There is so much good food here, I love crawfish. I also love dumplings, they taste delicious and I'm always left wanting more."

Huo Mian smiled and she replied, "If you like it here, you should stay a little while longer."

"No, we can't. Our schedule is jam-packed. If it weren't for Qin, we would never be able to come here. It's great meeting you."

Although Christina was an international superstar, she was younger than Huo Mian.

Women in the U.S. matured earlier, and she debuted when she was 16 as a magazine model. Now, she was 21 years old.

She was so young and pretty#

Christine took out her phone and took a bunch of selfies with Huo Mian. She also said to Qin Chu, "Your wife is awesome, you're really lucky."

Qin Chu smiled happily. "You're right, marrying her is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Rick sat beside Qin Chu and said in a hushed tone, "We got Wang Dahai, he is on his way back to China. What do you plan on doing?"

"Get him back first, I have questions to ask him."

"Okay." Rick didn't speak much, but he was highly efficient.

Andrew had been friends with Qin Chu for years, so they knew each other well. The three of them conversed happily in English.

Huo Mian also took out her cell phone to take selfies with Christina.

She wasn't one to boast, but this time, she really wanted to after such a stressful day#

Therefore, after using a filter, she uploaded a photo of them onto WeChat friend circle.

On the photo was an Asian and Caucasian, both with beaming smiles on their faces#

Huo Mian rarely took selfies#

But for the first time in her life, she began her bragging mode#

"Christina is really nice, and surprisingly, she loves eating crawfish." She wrote along with the photo.

After she uploaded the photo, her WeChat friend circle exploded in three minutes#