Chapter 622 Just You and Me Left in This World 2

"How# could that be?" Yingzi was absolutely stunned by what she heard.

Huo Mian looked so ordinary; she wasn't that pretty nor was she born rich.

But how on earth was she Qin Chu's woman 每 wait, she was more than his woman, she was his wife...

"So, don't worry. As long as I'm here, GK will be sure to treat Ni Yang well. He's been so nice to me, and I will make sure that my husband creates a bright and shiny future for him." Huo Mian promised with a smile on her face.

"This# this#" Yingzi was still unable to process this information.

In the past, she always looked at Huo Mian's Audi R8 in disdain. She thought that Huo Mian was a sugar baby to some rich, middle-aged man.

That was why she was so biased against her#

Who knew that her real identity was the wife of the CEO of a business empire?

In that case, she no longer had a problem with Ni Yang signing with GK#

Most importantly, Huo Mian may be able to cure Ni Yang's depression.

Just then, Huo Mian looked at Ni Yang. "You must be tired today, go home and get some rest. I talked to GK Film and Television and asked them to give you one week off. You won't need to do anything during this time, just get some rest at home or go traveling. If you're bored, you can come to South Side and tell me what's on your mind."

"Thanks, Sister Huo Mian." Unconsciously, Ni Yang smiled much more than he used to.

Afterward, Huo Mian turned to Yingzi, "Don't worry, as Ni Yang's manager, you'll be entitled to all the rights you used to have. The company will contact you before scheduling anything, but I would suggest that you guys take it easy and don't give him too much work for the time being since he's still in recovery. Before the end of the year, he will only be in one large-scale movie production, where he and Mo Xue'er will be the main characters. It will be released towards the end of the year 每 with your reputation and fame and the break you took, the box office of that film will likely set a new record. What do you say?"

Yingzi stared at Huo Mian for a long time before exclaiming, "It's a shame that you're not a professional manager#"

"Haha# the entertainment industry isn't where my passion lies. It's a shame that I like hospitals and the smell of formaldehyde." Huo Mian turned around to leave after patting Yingzi on the shoulder.

"Sister Yingzi# now do you understand why I did what I did? Huo Mian is really trustworthy and would never do me wrong. Plus, both companies are offering the same amount, so why not sign with GK? Yes, Imperial Star is good, but there are always rumors about me and President Su. That's hella gay, and it's annoying. This way, all the rumors will dissipate."

"You little brat# why didn't you tell me earlier that Huo Mian was President Qin's wife?"

"Um# I only found out recently, that day we got drunk together." Ni Yang felt incredibly wronged.

"Okay, okay, I won't be so hard on you. Did you hear what Huo Mian said? It's time to rest up."

"Yeah." Ni Yang nodded; then, the two of them left GK.

After dealing with Ni Yang and his manager, Huo Mian went looking for Mo Xue'er. She was in such a hurry this morning and they didn't get a chance to talk.

She did Huo Mian a great favor, so it was only right to thank her.

Mo Xue'er had just taken off her makeup; she was playing with her phone in the dressing room#

She had two assistants 每 one was massaging her shoulders, and the other one was massaging her legs. Talk about being a big-shot.

Of course, she had the right to enjoy it.

Apparently, during the red-carpet event at the Ghana Film Festival, Annie Liang was only given a 3-second shot while Mo Xue'er got 2 whole minutes.

Her status in the entertainment industry was obvious#

"Miss Mo# can we talk?" Huo Mian knocked on the door.

Mo Xue'er looked up; when she saw that it was Huo Mian, she smiled and said, "Sure."