Chapter 621 Just You and Me Left in This World 1

Huo Mian turned around to see Qin Chu's eyes open#

"You must be exhausted. Get some sleep, I'll help you follow-up with some other matters."

"No, don't. Come here and sit down." Qin Chu gently pulled her.

Huo Mian was immediately pulled towards him, and she fell back onto the couch.

Qin Chu raised his hands to hug Huo Mian's shoulders#

"The truth is, I knew that those celebrities would stand GK up, but I was caught off guard when all methods of communication were severed. I couldn't contact anyone and didn't expect that idiot Yang to come looking for you at the last minute. You've never dealt with company matters, so it must've been hard for you."

"Not at all, it's family matters. Nothing's hard when it comes to that." Huo Mian smiled.

"I heard that# Ni Yang is a patient that you recently treated. He did you a favor by signing with us. How should I thank you, honey?" Qin Chu looked at her lovingly.

"How did you know that? I thought South Side was good at keeping secrets like that." Huo Mian's lips curled into a smile.

"Still, I have my ways of finding out# but, I'm curious. How did we get Mo Xue'er? Did you ask Huo Siqian?"

Indeed, nothing escaped Qin Chu's eyes# Everyone was aware of Huo Siqian and Mo Xue'er's relationship.

Slightly guilty, Huo Mian looked down. "Yeah, at first I didn't know if Ni Yang would sign with us and I was left with no choice. We needed at least one superstar. So, I asked Huo Siqian. It really was an emergency, so please don't be mad."

Huo Mian knew how much Qin Chu despised Huo Siqian, even more so than Su Yu.

"I wasn't going to blame you. I just wanted to know, what did he ask in return?"

Qin Chu gently caressed Huo Mian's beautiful hair, worried if his ditzy wife made an unfair deal with Huo Siqian.

"Oh# nothing really, I just agreed to help him defeat Huo Zhenghai. Either way, I went back to the Huo Family to do just that. Since we have a common enemy, we might as well join forces."

Huo Mian kept Huo Siqian's real request from Qin Chu#

She didn't dare say that she was going back to the Huo Family this weekend, let alone stay overnight#

She didn't know what game Huo Siqian was playing, but with Qin Chu's personality, he would freak out if he found out.

Qin Chu nodded, obviously believing what Huo Mian said#

"Don't go looking for him again. Making a deal with him is like making a deal with the devil. It's really dangerous."

"Um# seriously?" Huo Mian never thought of Huo Siqian as a scary individual.

However, Mr. Qin made him sound so terrifying

Since Mr. Qin never guessed wrong, she really should be careful#


"Then I'll be more careful in the future." Huo Mian nodded.

"Good." Qin Chu nodded.

Then, Qin Chu got a phone call, asking him to deal with the accident in T City.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, left to look for Ni Yang. She bumped into him being yelled at by his manager in his dressing room.

When Ni Yang saw Huo Mian# he looked at her like she was his savior.

Yingzi once saved his life and pulled him out of a sinking marsh. Therefore, he didn't have the heart to fight with her and just listened to her yell at him.

"Sister Huo Mian#"

"Sister Yingzi, what's going on?"

"Ah# perfect timing, I was looking for you. What in the world did you feed Ni Yang? Huh? Why would he suddenly sign with GK like a crazy person? Oh, and did you earn a commission? How much did GK pay you?"

Yingzi's face was red with fury# She was flabbergasted by the fact that Ni Yang signed a year-long contract with GK behind her back#

How was she supposed to explain things to President Su? She had previously promised him that Ni Yang would sign with Imperial Star.

Therefore, Yingzi erupted into flames as soon as she laid eyes on Huo Mian#

"They didn't pay me a cent," Huo Mian explained calmly.

"Like I would believe you. If you weren't paid, why would you instigate Ni Yang?"

"I didn't instigate him, GK offered him just as much as Imperial Star did."

"Don't talk pros and cons with me, I've been in this business for years, you think I wouldn't know anything other than the money?!" Yingzi continued to shriek.

In the end, Ni Yang couldn't stand it anymore, and he quietly interjected, "Sister Yingzi, Huo Mian is President Qin's wife."

"President Qin's wife? Do you think that's a big deal? Huh? President Qin, which President Qin?"

"GK's President Qin," Ni Yang explained.

Yingzi immediately fell silent# Then, she looked at Huo Mian in disbelief, as if she were looking at a monster.