Chapter 620 Everyone Waited to See Him Fail 10

Su Yu walked towards Qin Chu and Huo Mian...
Everyone held their breaths as if waiting to see what the Young Master was planning to do.
Based on past experience, with Su Yu's fiery temper, nothing good would come of him appearing, and they assumed that he was here to make a scene. 

Qin Chu and Huo Mian weren't surprised to see Su Yu#
Because at an event like this one, even if they were competitors, it wasn't strange for him to show up.
"President Qin# congratulations." Su Yu extended his hand.

"Thank you, President Su."
Qin Chu extended his hand, and the two shook lightly#
Those in the dark didn't know anything, but those who were aware knew that this was part of their low-key competition.
"You win this time#" Su Yu said quietly.
"It was luck." Qin Chu didn't show any haughtiness and was as cold as always.
"But this is only the beginning# It'll just get more exciting from here." Su Yu's words were a declaration of war.
Proving that this loss was only the beginning of a war and not the end...
"I can't wait," Qin Chu only replied with two words, suiting his prideful personality.
The surrounding reporters only saw the two shaking hands and exchanging words of congratulations, so they took photos without knowing what was really going on.
Finally, Su Yu turned to look at Huo Mian and said, "What a# unique style."
Su Yu couldn't help but laugh; then, he turned around to leave#
Huo Mian glared at him# Did he need to be so subtle about his mockery?
At the end of the company opening, all the guests gathered for lunch in the banquet hall.
The gathering of several hundred people was very lively#
Huo Mian left to change and remove her makeup#
Qin Chu went to the VIP lounge, and Yang immediately poured him a glass of water.
"Sir, thank god you're back. Do you know how worried I was? I couldn't get a hold of you through your cell, nor your hotel. It was so weird."
"Someone was messing with us, cutting our communication," Qin Chu drank some water and replied.
"What# anyways it was so scary, I was so scared# Thank god Young Madam came. Speaking of her, she's amazing! She managed to bring two stars within 30 minutes, did you see? Mo Xue'er and Ni Yang. They even signed with us, I can't believe it!" Yang couldn't stop complimenting Huo Mian.
This was what Qin Chu liked to hear, as a hint of delight appeared on his face...
"She's my wife# of course she's incredible," he bragged.
"But sir, you're even scarier. How did you get those two foreigners? Although I didn't watch their show, I could tell how famous they are just through the reporters' reactions. My shoes were about to be trampled flat by them#"
Yang lowered his head, thinking back to the wildness just moments ago#
Those reporters looked like they were going to jump them, so Yang and the others from GK had to play defense and act as a blockade.
They were nearly trampled to death in the process# But thankfully, the opening event was a success.
Qin Chu didn't say anything, merely leaning back against the sofa tiredly, closing his eyes#
Worried about both ends, he had barely slept the past few days and even had to borrow a private jet to come back.
Even the strongest-willed person couldn't handle such a thing...
Seeing that the president was tired, Yang turned to leave, closing the door behind him.
At that time, Huo Mian had finished changing and walked over. "Where is he?"

"The president is resting inside."

Huo Mian nodded, and opened the door, walking in quietly#.
She saw Qin Chu sleeping on the sofa#
His eyelashes were slightly curled# Both hands were on his knees, as if in caution#
He was only 27 years old, yet he needed to manage an entire company. What a heavy burden#
Huo Mian walked over empathetically, finding a blanket to cover him up#
She turned to leave but was dragged back by Qin Chu by the hand.

"Honey... don't leave," he gently said.