Chapter 619: Everyone Waited to See Him Fail (9)

Qin Chu slowly walked towards Huo Mian#

Screams and the sound of camera shutters still filled the air#
"Christina! Andrew!" A lot of people started screaming out the names of those two international superstars.
The two stars smiled as they walked hand in hand down the red carpet#
They posed for pictures and waved in acknowledgment at the surrounding people#
"Holy f*ck# I can't take anymore, I have to go and get a signature." Tang Chuan couldn't sit still and moved up to push open the door.
However, he was stopped by Wei Liao#
"Sit still, don't cause more trouble for Su Yu#."
"But I'm a huge fan of Christina! I even registered on facebook for her#" Tang Chuan was sad.
"Sit still, don't even thinking about chasing after a white girl. She has a date, and with so many reporters, don't even think about causing an uproar."
In the end, Wei Liao extinguished Tang Chuan's wish.
Su Yu didn't say anything; he just sat there and watched everything in silence...

Qin Chu stopped in front of Huo Mian#

Huo Mian felt, even if no one else recognized her, Qin Chu would#
As expected# Qin Chu walked up to her, grabbed her hand in front of everyone and whispered, "Thank you for all your hard work, my wife."
Huo Mian shook her head, and although she wanted to say something, tears almost fell out of her eye sockets...
She used to be so strong, so why was she crying so much recently#
She must be getting too emotional#
Qin Chu was aware of all her sufferings and all her persistence. She never had to tell him anything, and he would already know.
After all these years, they had already achieved a tacit understanding#

Even with a seven-year gap, no one understood them like they understood each other.
The appearance of two international superstars at the end of the opening of GK Film and Television made the event even more dazzling...
No one knew that Qin Chu and Andrew were old friends who met in the U.S.
They had already met before Andrew even became famous#
And now, with one word from Qin Chu, Andrew brought his rumored girlfriend Christina along to C City.
They had actually arrived two days ago in secret#
Because Qin Chu wasn't there, they had stayed at a hotel Rick arranged.
That was why the media didn't know and were completely stunned by their appearances today#
The surprises were endless, Mo Xue'er, Ni Yang, Christina, Andrew....
And even Qin Chu showed himself...
What was supposed to be a disaster with stars quitting, turned into a marvelous party.
No one, other than Huo Mian and Qin Chu, was capable of turning the tides like this...
Qin Chu seemed to have predicted that Su Yu would do something, so he asked his foreigner friends in advance.
But he didn't expect that Huo Mian would also bring two superstars. The saying was indeed correct: 'If a couple are of the same mind, their combined determination will overcome all obstacles.'

"Why are you crying?"

Huo Mian didn't say anything, but tears were swimming in her eyes.
He gently wiped away her tears...

Huo Mian shook her head, still unable to speak. She was afraid that her tears would fall as soon as she opened her mouth#
"Don't cry# or your makeup will smudge and you'll look like a panda," Qin Chu joked on purpose.
As expected, Huo Mian couldn't help but laugh upon hearing those words...
"I thought# you wouldn't be back on time." Huo Mian was finally able to squeeze those words out.
"How could I, there's no way I would leave you here by yourself." Qin Chu rushed to make an appearance in T city, borrowed a private plane to return to C city, and finally managed to make it in time for the end of the company opening.
At this time, Su Yu pushed open the car door and got out#
"Um# is he going to create a scene?" Tang Chuan asked as he watched him leave.

Su Yu was wearing formal clothes today too, a pair of white dress pants, a black dress shirt, and a white vest.
Although it wasn't quite different from his normal casual style, it was still dazzling...

"Look, isn't that Imperial Star's President Su? What's he doing here?" The reporters started whispering.