Chapter 618: Everyone Waited to See Him Fail (8)

"Is Huo Mian crazy?" Su Yu asked, stunning everyone.
Hearing what Su Yu said, Wei Liao almost spat out blood# 

"Woah# Is that Huo Mian?" Wei Liao thought, no wonder she looked so familiar.

But it wasn't Halloween, so why was she changing clothes and cosplaying at such a public event?
"That's Huo Mian? Oh mother, oh dearest mother#" Tang Chuan was also shocked.
"It's definitely her, I'd recognize her even if she'd turned to dust," Su Yu said confidently.
That's right, Su Yu would gaze upon Huo Mian's photo several times a day, so he had pretty much memorized her facial features at this point...
"This# what is she trying to do? I don't get it," Wei Liao mumbled.
Huo Mian's arrival confused not only Su Yu and the others but also most of the media outlets#
None of them knew who Huo Mian was, but they saw her appearance on the red carpet, walking directly after Ni Yang.

It was obvious she was different, so they photographed her in a frenzy...
"She must be one of GK's new trainees, I haven't seen her before," one reporter guessed.
"Yeah probably. Why else would she arrive behind Ni Yang? Looks like GK is becoming more and more mysterious."
Everyone gossiped amongst themselves, and Mr. Su's gaze, on the other hand, never left her#
"Hey hey# stop looking. Your eyes might get stuck." Wei Liao waved his hand in front of Su Yu's face.
"The smokey look really suits her," Su Yu mumbled quietly.
Wei Liao took a look and thought that he had a point, so he nodded, "I think so too, it's amazing. That's why Huo Mian is so weird. Only someone as weird as she could pull off such a weird style."
"Hahaha# Mr. Su, I don't think the woman you love is from Earth," Tang Chuan laughed upon hearing their exchange.

Although Huo Mian didn't have any experience, she still planned to help GK get through this period, just by sticking it out.
So she casually walked on stage to be photographed#
Some reporters even tried to interview her and get first-hand information from her#
Thankfully, Assistant Yang and the PR team stopped them#

Watching all this happening, Jiang Linyue became insanely jealous. How could this woman be this capable?
Jiang Linyue thought that she was capable enough, being able to sign that woman with princess syndrome, Annie Liang...
But in the last two hours, Huo Mian managed to sign both Mo Xu'er and Ni Yang, two famous superstars.

Huo Mian thought that the company had done very well this time; she didn't lose face for his company, so she would be able to face him when he got back.
Just as the red carpet event was coming to an end#
A silver Maybach stopped outside the entrance# and someone stepped out...
The man wore a dark gray suit and had a handsome but cold complexion.
Even when he wasn't smiling, people were still stunned speechless by his appearance...

"It seems like President Qin has arrived..."
"Eh? Isn't the president in T City? I thought he wasn't coming? I didn't hear anything about this."
"Look at the two people behind him# Oh my god, am I seeing things right?"
Qin Chu's arrival completely stunned everyone# After a moment of silence, screams filled the air.
Behind Qin Chu, was a young foreign couple, both with golden hair and emerald eyes.
The man wore a tailcoat, and the woman wore a gold V-neck dress, both extremely dazzling#
Wei Liao sucked in a deep breath and then looked at Su Yu sympathetically, "Looks like# you lost this time."
"I'm not crazy right? The two behind Qin Chu, aren't they the super popular American stars that became famous after acting in the 7 episode miniseries ?
Yet, they appeared here# How strange#

Huo Mian watched as Qin Chu walked from the end of the red carpet towards her; his emperor-like aura was so dazzling that she could hardly open her eyes# At one point, she even wondered if she was dreaming.