Chapter 616: Everyone Waited to See Him Fail (6)

Huo Mian then slowly said, "I'm right here#"

The director looked at her, shocked# The woman standing before her was completely different than the person she saw half an hour ago.

"If you can't even recognize me, then the makeup was applied very successfully."

"Young Madam# please come over and sign the contracts now."


Huo Mian followed the company employees as they went straight to the VIP room.

Mo Xue'er and Ni Yang were both sitting inside#

"You're signing with GK as well?" Mo Xue'er slightly froze when she saw Ni Yang.


"But didn't the insiders say that you were going to Imperial Star?" Mo Xue'er was confused.

"They also said that you were signing with Hollywood," asked Ni Yang in response.

"I'm only signing with GK as a favor for a friend."

"So am I."

"Okay#" Mo Xue'er was speechless, as she was ready to do anything as soon as Huo Siqian called.

She loved Huo Siqian deeply, for five entire years. Huo Siqian had helped her to fame.

However, she had waited all this time but still couldn't get into the Huo Family. Truth be told, she really wanted to give up#

However, Huo Siqian suddenly called her today and told her to sign with GK.

She couldn't be more excited; if Huo Siqian didn't want her to sign with Hollywood, did this mean that they still had a chance?

Women were all very dumb and na?ve, especially those that were infatuated with someone#

Mo Xue'er was no exception#

She wasn't convinced by Imperial Star's hefty deal but was immediately convinced by a call from Huo Siqian.

However, Ni Yang, who was apparently going to sign a 300 million yuan contract with Imperial Star, also came to GK.

He came over in a taxi without telling his agent and was only wearing a shirt, a pair of shorts, and a sanitary mask.

He looked like a mess, but he was filled with sincerity.

"Sister Huo Mian." Ni Yang stood up when he saw Huo Mian come in.

"You can recognize me like this?" Huo Mian laughed.

"I often wear heavy makeup as well, so it's easy for me to recognize you."

"Okay, please sit." Huo Mian felt bad upon seeing how little Ni Yang wore.

This kid was too down-to-earth#

"Assistant Yang, turn on the air conditioning."

"Yes, Young Madam."

"Young Madam? You're President Qin's wife? But# is he even married?" Mo Xue'er was completely dumbfounded.

"Let's not talk about this right now. Please, let's start signing the contracts. Do you see any issues? Are there any conditions you would like to propose?" Huo Mian took two sets of contracts from the secretary's hands after she spoke.

Both of them were offered three hundred million, the same as Imperial Star's offer#

The two of them looked it over and didn't say anything. Then, they picked up the pen and signed immediately#

Both of them signed as a favor for a friend, so they didn't care about the money at all#

After Huo Mian took the contracts, she held up Qin Chu's signature stamp and pressed onto it. Then, she signed her name onto the contract, along with her fingerprint.
"Thanks, GK Film and Television will definitely fully support you two in the future."

"We can talk about that later, but the event is starting in 40 minutes and we're not dressed yet," said Mo Xue'er.

"We've prepared them, come with me."

After Huo Mian spoke, she led the two of them to the makeup artists, and they began to change and get their makeup done.

Time was very tight, and each them were given two stylists.

"Young Madam# you're so resourceful. With two phone calls, you've called over two major stars. How did you manage to do so? Did you blackmail them or use witchcraft?" Assistant Yang looked at Huo Mian with admiration.

Huo Mian, "# I didn't do anything, I had friends who just so happened to know them."

"I see." Assistant Yang nodded excitedly.

He thought that they were doomed this time, but who knew that a little girl like Huo Mian would manage to turn the tides at such a crucial moment?

She signed two major stars, and either of them could immediately suppress Imperial Star's so-called A-listers.
Jian Tong and Mian Mian were nothing compared to them#

Not even Annie Liang was worth mentioning anymore#

- At the entrance to the Hilton Hotel -

Countless luxurious cars waited there, waiting for the red carpet event#

Many reputable financial and political figures were there to show their support, regardless of whether Qin Chu was coming.

"Big Boy Su# do you think Qin Chu will cry if there are only C-list stars walking the red carpet in a bit?" Wei Liao laughed happily at GK's upcoming disaster.

Su Yu didn't say anything, as he only lifted the corners of his mouth#