Chapter 614: Everyone Waited to See Him Fail (4)

"I want you to come back to the Huo Mansion this weekend and stay overnight," Huo Siqian said. 
"Why?" Huo Mian slightly frowned.

"You don't have to worry about that, you just need to come back and stay for one night."

"Just that?" Huo Mian asked cautiously.

She thought that a sneaky person like Huo Siqian would certainly ask for more than that#

"Yes, that's it. You've got quite a good deal, Little Sister, don't think about it too much." Huo Siqian laughed when he saw how cautious and hesitant Huo Mian was being.

"Okay, deal," Huo Mian replied right away.

"Very good, deal."

Huo Mian finally relaxed a bit when she hung up, but wasn't it a little shabby if only Mo Xue'er came?

After all, GK was a domestically renowned corporation# the opening of GK Film and Television# should be quite an extravagant scene.

- Inside T City's Ritz-Carlton Hotel -

Qin Chu dialed again and again, but neither his cell phone nor the hotel landline worked, no matter how many times he tried. It was as if all the phones around him stopped working.

Funny thing was, calling local numbers worked, but he just couldn't reach any contacts in C City.

"President Qin, we're doomed and the opening begins in two hours. We've no clue what's happening over there."

"Do I still have time to fly back?" asked Qin Chu as he looked at the man.
"We won't make it."

"What about a private plane?"

"Private plane# uhm, if it's fast, then maybe," said the employee beside him.

"Okay, then I'll borrow one. Immediately call Mayor Gao and arrange something."

"Okay, President Qin."

Qin Chu had the feeling that someone was behind all this. They've used hackers to cut off his contact with those over at C City.

There was no time to even send an email since it wasn't something that could be clearly explained in one or two words.

Due to the anti-hacker system on Qin Chu's phone, the person behind this could only block his interactions with those in C City.

"Haha# seems like someone wants me to lose more than anything." Qin Chu coldly smiled.

- Three minutes later -

Qin Chu spoke with Mayor Gao of T City over the phone, and then Mayor Gao borrowed a private plane from a local tycoon.
Qin Chu took the private plane and immediately headed back to C City.

However, looking at the time, the opening ceremony would've already begun by the time he got back# Time was of the essence.

As Huo Mian solved a major crisis, she was about to return to the conference room when her phone began to ring...

It was actually from Ni Yang#


"Sister Huo Mian, did you just call me?"

"I did." Huo Mian nodded.

"Sister Yingzi doesn't like you, so she didn't tell me, but I sent her away and quickly peeked at the caller ID. You must have something to talk to me about."

"I actually# wanted to ask you if you wanted to sign with GK."

"GK? Why?" Ni Yang slightly froze, surprised that Huo Mian wanted to talk to him about work.

"Truth is# GK's President, Mr. Qin Chu, is my husband," Huo Mian decided to tell him the truth.

"Uhm# so the big boss of GK is your husband." Ni Yang was surprised.

"Yes, GK has been planning a film and television company recently, but something urgent has happened, and my husband is trapped in T City. On this side, the stars who originally planned to sign all ditched us and went back to Imperial Star. The red carpet event is about to begin, but there aren't stars around. It's very humiliating, so I was wondering if you could come."

"I see#" Ni Yang hesitated for a bit.

"Don't push yourself, it's fine if you can't, but if you can, then we'll match whatever Imperial Star offered you. We will definitely treat you very well."

"Sister Huo Mian# you know that I already no longer have any desires for those external things."

"I know, so I don't want to trouble you, and only asked you with a hint of hope."

"Sister Huo Mian# if Sister Yingzi found out that I single-handedly agreed to sign with GK, she would murder me," Ni Yang slowly said.

"It's okay, I understand."

Just as Huo Mian was about to give up, she heard Ni Yang say, "But even if she's going to murder me, I still have to help you this time. Wait for me, I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Huo Mian was shocked, and her heart raced wild# did she just hear correctly?