Chapter 612: Everyone Waited to See Him Fail (2)

"Director Jiang, it's pointless complaining around at a time like this. We should think of a way to resolve this problem. Discrediting them right now is useless; we should try to solve our own issues first. It would be better if this doesn't turn into a huge mess," Assistant Yang advised.

"What other solutions do we have here? From how I see it, we might as well announce that the opening ceremony is pushed back and wait until President Qin gets back," Jiang Linyue said carelessly as she played around with her nails.
Before anyone else had the chance to speak, Huo Mian said, "We can't change the date. President Qin already announced on TV. that he wouldn't change the date. If we change the date now, everyone will think that he backed out on his words, which would affect his reputation later on."

"Haha# really? Everyone understands that, but what else can we do? Young Madam, since you're so almighty, why don't you come up with another plan?" Jiang Linyue antagonized Huo Mian.

She wanted to take this opportunity to challenge Huo Mian#

Huo Mian looked at Jiang Linyue once and immediately saw through her. Huo Mian ignored her and instead looked around and said, "Don't worry everyone, all we need to do right now is come up with a plan."

Then, Huo Mian looked at Assistant Yang and asked, "Are there any ways that we could re-negotiate with the stars who breached the contract?"

"No, they've all turned off their phones and won't pick up. It's very clear that Imperial Star planned this all along and played us. They all disappeared at this crucial moment, leaving us with no stars," Assistant Yang said; he was on the brink of collapsing.

"So our problems would go away if we get a famous celebrity to walk the red carpet?" asked Huo Mian again.
"It's not only that. Stars who appear on our red carpet must have signed a contract with us, or else it would still be very embarrassing if the media expose us#"

It sounded like a difficult task indeed#

"Yes, okay, I got it. I have an idea, could you guys wait for me?" Huo Mian stood up and walked out of the conference room upon finishing her sentence.

Huo Mian walked out of the room and held up her cellphone#
She actually did have a candidate in mind, but# the chances of success were extremely small.

Huo Mian made the call# That's right, it was for Ni Yang.

His agent, Yingzi, picked up the phone.


"I want to talk to Ni Yang."

"He's busy, who are you?"

"I'm Huo Mian."

"Oh, what do you want?" The agent really didn't like Huo Mian. She was especially upset when Ni Yang got drunk last night. She even wrote several complaint letters to Director Wu.

"Here's the thing, I wanted to ask if he signed with a new company yet?"

"Does that have anything to do with you? Why do you care about the company he will sign with when you're only supposed to treat him?" Yingzi sounded very harsh.

"No, I was just wondering. If he hasn't decided yet, then can he consider GK Film and Television?"

"Are you kidding me? GK Movie and Television, that new company? Why should we take the risk and choose a new company? Truth be told, we've already decided to go to Imperial Star, and President Su's offer is very generous. Not only did he offer Ni Yang an incredibly well-paid contract, he has also offered plenty of benefits, which GK cannot provide."

"Are you sure you don't want to consider it?"

"We won't, bye." After Yingzi spoke, she hung up the phone before Huo Mian could speak.

Huo Mian slightly frowned#

"Sister Yingzi, who was that?" Ni Yang looked over at her and asked, while he was freshening up on the other side.

"Oh, a little company wants to ask you if you wanted to sign with them."

"Didn't we settle on Imperial Star? Just reject them." Ni Yang had no idea what had happened.

"Yeah, I've already refused." Yingzi put Ni Yang's phone into his bag, and then she walked over to him.

Huo Mian looked at her watch, and time was truly tight#

She bit on her teeth, and dialed another number# She really didn't want to beg that person.

However# for Qin Chu, she decided to set aside her dignity, just this once...