Chapter 610: A Fight for Talents (10)

"It isn't him. Even though we're competitors, he wouldn't do something like this."

Qin Chu was very rational and wouldn't blatantly blame Su Yu just because he was his business and love rival.

Su Yu was born into the powerful Su family; with their education style and Su Yu's status as an arrogant heir, he would never put other people's lives at stake to compete with Qin Chu. Therefore, Qin Chu was sure that the person behind the accident wasn't Su Yu.

"We'll be fine as long as we catch Wang Dahai. He probably knows everything."

"Yes, we'll catch him soon."

Qin Chu nodded; he believed in Rick's style in dealing with things#

Rick's family was fairly powerful in America, so now all he had to do was wait quietly.

After Assistant Yang returned, he ran straight to GK headquarters to begin preparing for tomorrow's opening.

Originally, everything was all prepared, as he followed all of the president's orders.

However, something suddenly happened at 10 PM#

Annie Liang had always had a messy private life, but nothing had ever been revealed, as only small rumors were passed around.

This time, a forum revealed three photos of Annie Liang intimately hanging out with several men at nightclubs.

One photo was of her dancing with a man, face on face, on the dance floor.

Another one was of her wearing revealing clothing, holding a cigarette in her hand.

The last photo was of her sitting and grinding on a man's lap very intimately and disgracefully.

It was drastically different from her usual 'workaholic goddess' image on TV.

The men's faces were blurred out so no one knew who they were, but Annie Liang's face was extremely recognizable.

It was clearly meant to throw dirt at her#

Annie Liang was one of the most crucial guests to appear at the red carpet event tomorrow. Since news got out today, she definitely wouldn't be able to go on camera.

GK spent so much money signing her, but she was useless now#

As soon as he saw the news, Assistant Yang called Qin Chu.

"Sir, did you see the news?" Assistant Yang was incredibly sad.

"I did."

"What should we do?"

"Go with the original plan." Qin Chu remained very calm.

"What about Annie Liang, she#"

"Tell her not to come and cancel her schedule. Then, tell her to take a vacation abroad to tide this over. She'll come back once the PR Department deals with everything."

"That works#" Assistant Yang nodded nervously.

They originally thought that this turbulence would end soon#

Who knew that the next day morning, with only two hours away from the opening, Assistant Yang received news that nearly made him throw up blood#

All the entertainers who signed the letters of intent breached them#

They all returned to Imperial Star, including Jian Tong and Mian Mian.

Money wasn't the issue, but it was such a slap on the face.

Annie Liang would no longer appear on the red carpet, and if those people left as well, then only C-list stars would be left to walk the red carpet.

Then wouldn't everyone laugh at GK Film and Television for how much of a failure they were?

"Assistant Yang, what should we do?" The public relations manager was also dumbfounded.

"How would I know? We should ask the president."

Assistant Yang called the president's number, but sadly his cell phone was turned off.

"Oh no, we're really screwed this time." Assistant Yang was as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

"What's wrong?"

"The president's phone is off."

"Huh? Then what should we do?'

Assistant Yang wiped off his sweat and replied, "Don't worry, I'll call the Chairman. We'll have to rely on him now."

Assistant Yang called the Qin Manor.

Mrs. Qin picked up the phone.
"Chairman Qin isn't home. He went golfing and didn't bring his cell phone with him."

"Mrs. Qin, something terrible happened. If we don't find someone to take care of it, then we would be terribly humiliated. What should we do?'

"How would I know? If you can't reach my son, then call that woman of his. Isn't that woman super mighty and is capable of flying into the sky?" Mrs. Qin said sourly.

"Oh, right, then I'll call the Young Mistress."

Thanks to Mrs. Qin's reminder, Assistant Yang immediately looked up Huo Mian's cell phone number in the secretary office.

Then he called her#
"Hello?" Huo Mian woke up only a bit ago, and was just about to eat breakfast.

"Young Madam, I'm President Qin's Assistant, Yang, a crisis came up at the company, and it's incredibly urgent. Can you come over to GK to help us?" Assistant Yang asked anxiously.

"Me?" Huo Mian slightly froze.