Chapter 609: A Fight Over Talents (9)

Huo Mian's words immediately turned Qin Chu's stress into a sea of gentleness#
"Good girl, I'll be back very soon."

"Okay, take care of yourself."

"I will."
Even with his tight schedule, Qin Chu still made the time to call Huo Mian every day.

Huo Mian once saw a saying on the Internet: 'If someone thinks about you, they will contact you regardless of how troubled and busy they are. If someone doesn't think about you, they will make up all sorts of excuse to say that they were busy and will refuse to come and find you.'

Even though Qin Chu kept saying that everything was going very well and successfully#
Huo Mian wasn't dumb; how could things be going well under with the current situation?

He had to face the sad cries of the victims' family members, the pressure exerted by the government, the back-stabbing and mockery of those in the same industry, as well as the avoidance and blaming of those who caused this accident#

Qin Chu had to face this massive mess alone#

At this moment, she regretted studying medicine during university.

If she majored in business, she could at least be able to help him at his company and help him deal with all this.

However, she couldn't do anything right now#
Huo Mian felt like her heart was breaking everytime Qin Chu hid away his stress and told her that everything was okay. 

Her Mr. Qin had always kept everything to himself, and quietly fought against all adversity#

- T City -
After negotiating with the government officials, Qin Chu became a bit stressed by the pressure they exerted.

He walked to the corner of the room and made a call.


"What do you need?" The owner of Seductive Fox was a man of fewer words than Qin Chu.
"The roof collapsed because the construction team skimped out on materials and work. The person in charge of the construction escaped abroad a month ago because he already knew that something would happen. I've gotten someone to look into the border entry data, and he is currently in Chicago."

"I know what to do." Rick knew exactly what Qin Chu meant.

"I want him alive, as soon as possible."

After Qin Chu hung up, he walked up to the rooftop of the skyscraper#

He bent over, and watched as the people below passed by#

The scenery one saw at a very tall height was beautiful, but the danger of falling was just as high.

The four victims were all middle-aged men between the ages of 33 and 45.
They were all someone's father, or/and someone's son#

However, they faced a brutal death and were buried underneath steel and concrete, all because some immoral businessmen decided to skimp on resources and productions.

Weren't people supposed to be born kind? Since when did one's heart corrupt to this level?

How could they sacrifice someone's life for their own so-called wealth?

Qin Chu didn't say anything when he saw those tormented family members, and he compensated each of them with an early stage compensation of three million yuan.

He would still pay them more money later on#
However, he knew that no matter how much money he gave them, he still wouldn't be able to give back their lives.

Sometimes, life was really precious#

Even if this incident wasn't his fault, he still wanted to compensate for it, because deep down, he and Huo Mian were the same.

He couldn't bear to see life and death, and he couldn't get over tragedies that had anything to do with him#

Just then, Qin Chu's cell phone rang#

"President Qin, I've found him. The person responsible for the construction, Wang Dahai, is only a pawn. There is someone else behind this."

"I knew it." Qin Chu knew that this wasn't as simple as just skimping on construction.

It seemed like there really was a filthy scheme behind this accident#.

"We all thought that it might be your new competitor, Su Yu, since he's currently our number one enemy."

Qin Chu fell silent upon hearing Su Yu's name#