Chapter 60: Background

Hearing this, Mr. Luo immediately pushed forward the documents with a smile. "Miss Huo, if you are satisfied, please sign these documents for a private settlement. I will then ask my client to transfer the money to your account."

"But can 700,000 yuan buy my brother's health? His brain was almost injured beyond healing, which would've left him permanently disabled," Huo Mian questioned coldly, her eyes glaring.

Sensing a change in her tone, Mr. Luo was taken aback. He corrected his glasses and said, "We're very sorry about the incident. My client was drunk at the time, and it wasn't his intention to cause harm. He is very apologetic towards the whole situation."

"I don't think that's the case. Not only did he flee the scene, but he also has yet to show his face since the incident. If the consequences weren't so severe, he probably wouldn't have even taken responsibility."

"That's not true. My client was just too frightened after the incident occurred. He's just a university student. The girl who died in the car accident was his girlfriend, and he is very distressed about her death. That is why his parents entrusted me, as his attorney, to help him handle the situation. Miss Huo, since we're both straightforward people, I'll be honest with you. The other two victims each received compensation of 500,000 yuan. One of them even has a broken leg. I heard that your brother's surgery was very successful and he is out of the woods. I can offer an additional 100,000 yuan, making the total 800,000 yuan. You will receive a lot more than the other two. Is that good enough?"

"800,000… haha. If I give you 800,000 yuan, does that mean I can hit you with a car and injure you as your client did to my brother?"

Mr. Luo's expression darkened, "Miss Huo, we are very sincere with our offer. The accident already happened, and it is something we must face. We only paid 850,000 to the family of the girl who died. Compared to them, paying 800,000 to you is already a lot. Plus, we will transfer the money instantly, without a single day of waiting. Don't you need the money?"

"As opposed to receiving money, I'm more concerned about seeking justice for my little brother."

"So what you're saying is..."

"I won't accept a private settlement. I will bring him to court. According to present-day traffic laws, your client caused a fatal car crash. Not only was he driving under the influence, but he also fled the scene of the crime. I trust that the judge will rule in favor of justice."

Mr. Luo couldn't help but laugh at her words.

"What's so funny?" His attitude annoyed Huo Mian.

"Miss Huo, I'm laughing at your innocence. I can't believe girls like you still exist."

"What do you mean?"

"Miss Huo, you're probably unfamiliar with my client's background. Sure, my client, Lu Yigang, is only a 21-year-old university student, but do you know who his parents are?"

Huo Mian remained silent, waiting for him to continue...

"I don't mind telling you. His parents are both government officials in the Ministry of Finance. On top of that, his relatives are also government officials. Basically, he has the world in his palms. With such a powerful background, do you really think that you will win against him in court? I advise that you take the money and move on. Even the family who lost their daughter weren't so sanctimonious. Don't try to be Lady Justice. Let me tell you: there is no true justice in this world. With money and power, you're God. Without it, you're nothing. I know these words hurt, but it's the truth."

"He has a powerful background? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ 1 , I'm so scared." Huo Mian smiled.

"It's true that he has a powerful background," she continued immediately. "I can tell by the sluggish way the police are handling the situation. But so what? Regardless of his background, shouldn't he follow the law just like everyone else? I'm not his mom. Why should I forgive him? Taking him to court is a process I must undergo. They can use all their connections but... don't forget, there is a thing called the media. Once the news goes viral and he receives pressure from the public, I wonder how his powerful parents will protect him then?"

Upon hearing her words, Mr. Luo began to sweat...

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