Chapter 596: It Was All a Ploy (6)

"Ahem# ahem# it's true that I took ten bottles, but I didn't drink that much," Huo Mian immediately explained.

"Okay then, let's not talk about that right now. Tell me, were you injured?"


"Really?" Qin Chu didn't believe her.

"Really, I smashed that scumbag's head with an ashtray, but nothing happened to me," Huo Mian promised.

Qin Chu didn't say anything. He held up Huo Mian's right hand and asked, "Then where did this blood come from?"

She then remembered that when the ashtray smashed into pieces on the scumbag's head, the broken glass shards injured her palm.

She didn't even realize that she was injured until she got to the station, how did Qin Chu find out?

She thought she was careful to hold her hand in a fist#

"Honey, it's just a small cut, haha." Huo Mian looked down guiltily. After she finished her sentence, she secretly glanced up at Qin Chu.

She noticed how Qin Chu's expression became colder and colder#

"Then tell me, Miss Huo Mian, what do you consider as a serious injury? Having your head cut off?" Qin Chu's voice was icy.

Huo Mian kept shaking her head; she didn't dare say anything else. The more she said, the more mistakes she seemed to make.

Qin Chu's way of extracting a confession was horrific#

When Mr. Qin was pissed off, the entire room felt cold, as if the temperature dropped a few degrees.

She felt like she was sitting on a thousand-year-old glacier#

"Honey# if there's nothing else, I'm going to go back to work now, haha." Huo Mian thought that running away was the best option right now.

They'll talk once Mr. Qin cools down#

"Don't go, sit right here."

Then, Qin Chu got up and walked to his desk, looking as if he was hard at work.

Yang came in with a cup of coffee to kiss ass. "Young Madam Qin, your coffee."

"Thank you." Huo Mian reached out her hand.

However, Qin Chu said coldly, "Don't give her coffee."

"Um# honey, I'm thirsty," Huo Mian said with a sad expression on her face.

"Get her two bottles of red wine," Qin Chu ordered.

"Um# sir, I don't think that's a good idea." Yang was confused as well.

Was it okay to use red wine to help Mrs. Qin sober up? Red wine was expensive, but the president had a lot of money. Still, it was too lavish to drink red wine like it was water. Plus, would it quench his wife's thirst? It didn't sound scientific.

His boss sure knew how to have fun# did he want to make Young Madam Qin even drunker, so they could have the boink boink in his office?

Upon hearing the words, 'red wine', Huo Mian felt the urge to vomit#

She was still tipsy from drinking with Ni Yang just now, and her head was spinning. If she had more to drink, she would probably fall to the floor.

"I thought you had high tolerance. Drink, as much as you can." Qin Chu enunciated every word.

"Honey, I know I was wrong." Huo Mian felt like crying.

"Why were you wrong?" Qin Chu asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Um# I was wrong about everything. I shouldn't have gotten drunk, I shouldn't have hit someone, and I shouldn't have caused a scene. Anyways# I shouldn't have gotten myself arrested, I shouldn't have worried you, I shouldn't have injured myself#" Huo Mian was sincere in her apology and began blaming herself for everything.

Seeing what was happening, Yang realized it was a couple's fight, so he immediately hid outside.

He didn't want to be involved# after all, the president was really scary when he was mad. Plus, couple quarrels were all just a ploy, and an unimportant character like him wouldn't understand.

"Your thoughts are clear, and you're great with your words. Are you really drunk? With your tolerance, I think you can handle two more bottles," Qin Chu said slowly.

Pfffffft# Huo Mian felt like spitting out blood upon hearing what Qin Chu said#