Chapter 594: It Was All a Ploy (4)

- 15 minutes later -

Qin Chu parked his Maybach outside the Municipal Public Security Bureau. He didn't actually have to come, because Gao Ran would've let her go anyways.

However, Gao Ran knew how much Qin Chu treasured Huo Mian, so he was bound to pick her up.

The issue here was that Huo Mian was in a complicated situation. She hit someone, and that someone wanted to sue her#

On his way to the bureau, Gao Ran had already told Qin Chu everything that happened via WeChat, and with a grim expression, Qin Chu called Wu Zhongxing.

Hospital Director Wu immediately called Hospital Deputy Director Guo to deal with this problem#

When Qin Chu arrived, so did Deputy Director Guo.

Huo Mian was there, sipping coffee, and with her was the nurse Chief Qi almost raped.

"Head Nurse# I'm scared." This nurse was new to South Side.

She was an intern in the Neurology Department and didn't work under Huo Mian, but she knew who Huo Mian was.

Huo Mian was the chairwoman of the Huo Foundation and could be considered a important figure at South Side#

"Don't be scared, it's going to be fine."

"I'm going to resign as soon as I get back. Department Director Qi will seek revenge for sure. I'm sorry to have dragged you into this. But if you hadn't saved me, I would've been raped," with tears in her eyes, the nurse said as she grabbed Huo Mian's hands.

"I would've done it even if we didn't know each other, let alone a colleague. Don't think about it too much, and you don't have to resign. I will make sure that scumbag will never show his face again at South Side."

Huo Mian thought that although she was just a head nurse, if she were to report what happened to Director Wu, even if that person was Deputy Director Guo's brother-in-law, he would still be fired#

A rotten apple like him who didn't have any respect for women should be cut up into a million piece#

Furthermore, he had just attempted rape#

Huo Mian still felt fury bubbling up in her chest#

However, the minute she saw a familiar face enter the bureau, she immediately became humble again#

She muttered quietly, "Screw you, Gao Ran. I told you not to call Mr. Qin."

She had asked him again and again not to tell Qin Chu, but Gao Ran still sold her out, just like that#

Qin Chu walked in and Gao Ran pointed at Huo Mian#

Then, Qin Chu headed towards her#

The WeChat message Gao Ran sent him was, "Huo Mian attacked someone under influence, and the victim wants to sue her."

Attacking someone after influence? His wife? She drank at the hospital under broad daylight and got drunk?

Drunk enough to wreak havoc and injure someone?

Qin Chu's current state of mind was unexplainable#

He wasn't mad because Huo Mian caused a scene, but because she tried to save someone without thinking about the precautions.

What would happen if that Department Director Qi ended up hurting Huo Mian?

He would be heartbroken, even if she lost a strand of her hair#

The good thing was, this time it was she who injured someone else#

When Huo Mian saw Qin Chu, she was so terrified that she guiltily hid behind that nurse#

The nurse didn't know what to do#

"Head Nurse#"

Qin Chu walked up to them and looked at Huo Mian, who was hiding behind her and said, "Come out."

"Honey#" Huo Mian obediently walked out from behind.

Her head was bowed down like a kid in trouble#

Before Qin Chu could say anything, his phone began to ring#

"Qin Chu, I was thinking I can fire both of them to put an end to this. What do you think?" Director Wu compromised greatly; he was willing to fire Deputy Director Guo as well, who had been working at the hospital for years, just to satisfy Qin Chu.

To his surprise, Qin Chu didn't accept his compromise#

"No, that's not the result I'm looking for."

"Then what do you want to do?" Director Wu asked nervously.

"Never mind that. Fire them first, and I'll deal with them afterwards." Then, Qin Chu hung up the phone.

Then, he stared at Huo Mian with an eerie look on his face#

"Honey, I got in trouble again# I'm really sorry to have worried you," Huo Mian immediately apologized. She was hoping that Qin Chu would give her a pass upon seeing her apologetic attitude.