Chapter 593: It Was All a Ploy (3)

"You can report me any time. This is the phone number of our director." Then, Huo Mian took out Hospital Director Wu's business card from the pocket of her white lab coat and strode away#

"Who the hell does she think she is#"

Over the years, Ni Yang's manager had seen all kinds of women in the entertainment circle, but she had never seen such an unimportant person have such an arrogant attitude and be so weird in her actions. But, Ni Yang seemed to really like her.

"Sister Yingzi, I was the one who asked to drink. Sister Huo Mian is really nice, please don't complain about#" Before Ni Yang could finish his sentence, he shot over to the bathroom and began puking his brains out.

Yingzi was so furious that her face went pale#

Huo Mian, a little drunk, felt like she was walking on clouds#

No one had the guts to drink while they were at work. However, it was for the sake of curing Ni Yang's disease.

However, it wouldn't be good it others found out. Dizzy, she walked towards Deputy Director Guo's office.

Originally, she was going to ask Deputy Director Guo for the day off, so she could go home, take a nap, and get sober.

When she arrived at the door to his office, she realized that it wasn't all the way closed#

Just as she was about to knock, she heard someone say, "Department Director Qi, please don't do that#"

"I promise I'll treat you well. My brother-in-law is the Hospital Deputy Director Guo. Let me tell you, if you want to become a full-time employee, you'll need my approval. My brother-in-law's not in today, and I can sign in lieu of him, you got it?" Deputy Director Guo's brother-in-law was incredibly arrogant.

"Director Qi, I have a boyfriend. Please don't do that, I rather not become a full-time employee."

Huo Mian realized that the two people inside the office were definitely up to no good. She was about to leave when she heard a shriek from inside the office#

"Help#" Someone shouted from inside, followed by dead silence.

Out of instinct, Huo Mian barged in and saw an incredibly disgusting scene.

Department Director Qi had forced a young nurse under his body; one of his hands covered the nurse's mouth while the other was tugging at her skirt.

"Let her go," Huo Mian said coldly.

F**k, how could he be raping a young woman in broad daylight? He was way too disgusting.

Huo Mian had never seen a man as gross as he was. This was the middle of the day, and they were at a hospital, in the hospital deputy director's office.

Director Qi turned around and realized it was Huo Mian. He growled viciously, "I'm telling you, mind your own business."

"That's not 'business', it's called 'committing a crime', you know?"

"She's lucky that I even laid my eyes on her."

The nurse's eyes were swollen from crying. She looked at Huo Mian from under his body as if she had just seen her savior.

"Help me..."

"Shut the f**k up, I'm going to have my way with you in a little bit." Director Qi grabbed the nurse's hair and slammed her head onto the desk.

That must've hurt#

Director Qi's eyes were blood-shot, and he reeked of alcohol#

It was obvious that he had a lot to drink, or else he wouldn't have lost control as he did#

But the thing was, Huo Mian was a little drunk as well#


When she saw him smash the nurse's head onto the desk, she became so furious that her eyes were almost shooting flames.

She took a few big steps forward and began slapping Department Director Qi's bald spot and face.

Director Qi, who didn't expect Huo Mian to act so crazy, forgot to resist her hits. Rather, he covered his face with his hands#

Once he came back to his senses, he wanted to raise his hand to hit Huo Mian, but she was faster and pushed his head onto the desk, not letting go.

Then, she picked up an extremely expensive crystal ashtray that was sitting on Deputy Director Guo's desk#

With a loud 'bang', she smashed it onto Director Qi's head#

Blood immediately began spurting out#

The nurse was so scared that she began shivering all over#

Director Qi shrieked out in pain, causing people to gather outside to see what was happening#

"Call the police, Huo Mian hit me!" Director Qi decided to strike preemptively.

- Twenty minutes later -

After Qin Chu's afternoon meeting, he had just come out of the conference room when Gao Ran called#

He had a feeling that nothing good would come from this dude calling him at work.

He was absolutely right#

"Your wife is here again, come bail her out," Gao Ran said painstakingly.

How many times had Huo Mian been taken to the Municipal Public Security Bureau now? He couldn't even remember#

Qin Chu's expression went dark upon hearing that Huo Mian was at the bureau#