Chapter 59: A Private Settlement

"Yeah! Didn't they speak to you?"


"Oh, it will probably happen soon. They've already spoken to three families, so your family is next. Other than the girl who died, your younger brother suffered the most injuries so you will probably receive even more compensation than us." As the woman spoke, Huo Mian almost saw a glimpse of envy from her eyes.

"This car accident was malicious. I've collected information from various sources, and it seems that the perpetrator was driving drunk and speeding on the school campus. This is truly terrible behavior. It's not resolvable through compensations or an apology; he's criminally responsible. In a few days, after I gather all the evidence, I will sue them. I don't want any compensation, just justice." With that, Huo Mian turned on her heel and left.

"Is this girl an idiot?" the middle-aged woman mumbled to herself.

Was Huo Mian foolish? Of course not. She was simply refusing to trade her brother's health for some meaningless compensation.

What she wanted was for the immoral perpetrator to be brought to justice...

Speeding on the school campus, killing one and injuring three. Not only was he irresponsible, he fled the scene of the crash. How could he stoop so low?!

Apparently the girl who died was sitting on the passenger seat of the car, and they were even dating.

With his girlfriend dead, the low life went into hiding, delegating all the difficult conversations with the victims' families to his attorney.

Huo Mian made up her mind. It was lucky that Zhixin was alright. If he suffered from side effects, she would give up everything to fight those people.

Sure enough, just as Huo Mian was about to leave work, she received a phone call from the perpetrator's attorney, asking for a private meeting.

After Huo Mian agreed, she went straight to their meeting spot, a cafe near the hospital.

The other party was an attorney in his forties. His face was square, and he had on a pair of glasses. He was wearing a black suit and carrying a black briefcase.

"Are you Miss Huo?"

Huo Mian nodded...

"Nice to meet you. My name is Luo Qing and I am Mr. Lu Yigang's attorney. The goal of this meeting is simple. The Lu Family wants to settle the matter privately without causing a scene or going through the legal process. I heard that Miss Huo's younger brother is currently receiving treatment for his serious injuries. From what I understand, his recovery will require substantial costs. My suggestion for you is to put forward a reasonable number, which my client will then pay. This will be good for everyone, don't you agree?"

"So if I say a random number, they will fulfill the amount?" Huo Mian scoffed.

"Of course not. But as long as the number is reasonable, my client will agree to pay." Luo Qing appeared to be completely confident.

"What do you consider reasonable? Could you please explain that to me? I don't quite understand." Huo Mian smiled.

Seeing that he had piqued Huo Mian's interest, Luo Qing immediately took out a thick pile of documents from his briefcase. He then said to her, "I've done a little bit of research regarding your family situation, Miss Huo. Your family is not very wealthy, so I believe that you will need this money. Of course, we will provide you with a decent amount. Other than the surgical fees, we will also compensate your family for psychological damages. The surgery fees are about 300,000, and the follow-up fees are 70,000 to 80,000. In addition to this, we will offer another 300,000, totaling up to 700,000 yuan. Miss Huo, are you satisfied with this number?"

"700,000 yuan. Wow, what a large amount of money," Huo Mian said slowly.