Chapter 575: You Want to Play? Game On. (5)

Qin Chu ignored Yang, basically saying that he wasn't allowed to leave#

"What is it?"

In the end, Qin Chu gave Jiang Linyue a chance to talk about GK's new company.

Elated, Jiang Linyue sat down across from Qin Chu, right next to Yang.

"President Qin# although I work in the designs department, I've been closely following the initiation of GK's film and television company. I also know that you've been trying to sign with various celebrities. There's a female celebrity at Imperial Star called Annie Liang, she's the cousin of a close girlfriend of mine. With their relationship, I'm sure that you will be able to persuade her to sign with us. Of course# I would have to utilize my personal connections."

"You don't have to do that, Director Jiang, since you work in the designs department. I suggest that you stick to what you know."

Qin Chu's voice was faint, and his intent was obvious. He wasn't at all happy by what Jiang Linyue had just suggested.

Jiang Linyue's expression changed upon hearing what Qin Chu said#

"Sir, I'm just trying to contribute to the company. I've worked at GK for a while and can be considered as a long-time employee. I have a sense of propriety. I'm not here to ask for rewards, I just wanted to declare my allegiance to you. I hope you can give me this opportunity."

"It's a good thing if you can persuade Annie Liang. We can offer her three times more than what Imperial Star pays her. Feel free to negotiate with her."

"Thank you for your trust, President Qin."

"But#" Qin Chu stopped halfway through his sentence.

Jiang Linyue immediately became nervous upon realizing that there was more#

"If you fail, you cannot interfere with GK's film and television company again. You know that I don't like it when employees act beyond the scope of their authority. You work in the designs department and should put all your effort into designing and creating more pieces for GK."

"I understand." Jiang Linyue nodded.

Yet, she didn't seem to want to leave. She stared at Qin Chu's food that was specially made for him, with puppy dog eyes.

"That looks delicious, is that broccoli?" Jiang Linyue suddenly pretended to be innocent.

She wanted to use her innocence to gain Qin Chu's attention#

However# the reality was harsh.

Qin Chu only faintly replied, "Then you can have it."

Jiang Linyue was just about to exclaim in happiness when she saw Qin Chu stand up elegantly. He then neatened up the wrinkles on his sleeves, and# left#

Yang hadn't finished lunch, but his boss left, so he hurried up to leave as well#

Jiang Linyue didn't even get to say, "Thanks boss"#

The people around her looked at her with weird expressions on their faces#

"What are you all looking at? Eat your food," Jiang Linyue said viciously, her expression grim.

She always treated those working under her differently from the way she treated Qin Chu#

Hats off to her for this#

- On the other side of town, at South Side Recuperation Center -

For once, Huo Mian left work early; she didn't have work tonight.

Happy, she stopped by the supermarket on her way home.

"Mr. Qin, I'm at the supermarket, what do you want for dinner?" Huo Mian asked sweetly as she answered her phone.


"Can't we have a normal conversation? Be serious, okay?" Huo Mian chuckled.

"I am serious, I really do want you for dinner." Qin Chu's voice was uniquely mesmerizing.

Huo Mian's face would've turned red if they were face to face#

Thank god they were just talking on the phone#

"Hey, stop joking around, tell me, what do you want? I rarely get off work so early and want to make you dinner."

"Mian# can we go back to the manor for dinner? I want to see how my dad is doing."

Qin Chu asked quietly; he seemed to be carefully asking for Huo Mian's opinion.

He occasionally called home and heard that since the season changed, his father's old disease has relapsed, causing his health to deteriorate.

It was true that they didn't treat Huo Mian well, but after all, they were his parents and Qin Chu had a soft spot for them.

When Huo Mian took a long time to respond, Qin Chu thought that she was angry.

"Mian, are you mad?" he asked carefully.