Chapter 574: You Want to Play? Game On. (4)

- GK Headquarters -

"Sir, our new company is doing really well. In this short amount of time, 5 top-tier celebrities have already signed agreements of intent with us." Assistant Yang was in a good mood. He placed a cup of coffee on Qin Chu's desk and carefully kissed his boss's ass.

"It's too slow," Qin Chu slowly said. His ultimate goal wasn't 5 celebrities.

He wanted the red-carpet to be swarming with former Imperial Star celebrities on initiation day#

In other words, he wanted to poach the pillars of Imperial Star.

"Um# sir, Imperial Star was founded many years ago, and it's supported by a huge conglomerate. The Su Family has a lot of connections, and unlike the smaller companies, Imperial Star won't go down without a tough fight. Please be patient, sir."

In Yang's opinion, it was good enough that they were able to poach 5 celebrities in such a short of amount of time. After all, Imperial Star Entertainment was a big company.

It would be embarrassing if they failed to even poach one. After all, in just a few days, GK Film and Television would be officially unveiled to the public, and there was going to be a red-carpet event.

"Tell them to hurry up, and# agreements of intent are risky, we need to sign actual contracts with them as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir."

Everyone originally thought that Qin Chu's orders were impossible to deliver. Later, however, they soon realized that money could do anything.

However, agreements of intent were only a preliminary collaboration agreement and could not be seen as final contracts.

Qin Chu was careful and made sure not to gloat prematurely. He knew that Su Yu wasn't an idiot and wouldn't be defeated so easily.

Moreover, after something as big as this happened, not only did Su Yu not respond to it, he was also chill enough to avoid the media and enjoy breakfast. He knew that Su Yu had a countermeasure in place and therefore, he needed to be careful.

- Lunch at GK's Cafeteria -

Qin Chu rarely ate at the company cafeteria because he always enjoyed peace.

The few times that he ate here was when he toured with clients, so they could get an overall feel for their company.

Today, however, Qin Chu came to lunch in the cafeteria. As soon as he entered, the hundreds of employees inside all stood up.

"President Qin#"

They all said in unison, like soldiers in a parade. Overall, employee ethics were pretty high at GK.

Yang followed behind Qin Chu, and holy crap did he feel proud because he had never been treated that way.

By standing beside President Qin, Yang rubbed off on some of his boss's halo and felt like even he was shining brighter.

Just then, he suddenly thought of the president's wife. She had an incomparable aura, and although she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, but when the president looked at her, his expression melted with gentleness.

When she was standing beside President Qin, she must have felt blessed as well.

Qin Chu randomly sat down on a seat, and Yang immediately went to get him food. The president was eating at the cafeteria for no apparent reason.

The chefs were all extremely shocked and quickly whipped up two additional dishes for the president.

Qin Chu and Yang sat across from each other, eating in silence.

Just then, the sound of high heels approached them#

Yang looked up to see Jiang Linyue's delicate face.

She was wearing brand-name clothing and emitting a strong aura. As a young woman who drove an expensive car, she was a rare existence in GK.

"President Qin#" she coquettishly said.

"What is it?" Qin Chu elegantly wiped the corners of his mouth, looked up, and glanced at her face.

"President Qin# I wanted to talk to you about our new film and television company#"

"I only talk about work stuff in the conference room," Qin Chu declined indifferently.

"But# it's a personal matter," Jiang Linyue insisted.

"Personal matter?" Qin Chu raised his eyebrows as he looked up at her.

"Sir, do you want me to give you some privacy?" As soon as he heard that Director Jiang wanted to talk to the president about a 'personal matter', Yang felt like he was intruding, and therefore he quietly asked Qin Chu.