Chapter 573: You Want to Play? Game On. (3)

Su Yu didn't respond, but instead raised his glass and took a sip#

"President Su, I know that you're just unreactive to GK's provocation on the surface, but you've been secretly cooking something up, right?"

"You're smart," Su Yu said as he glanced at Jian Tong.

"If you need me, tell me. I will do anything, even sacrificing myself, for you and Imperial Star."

Jian Tong wasn't someone who was good with words. She knew her limitations, which was also why Su Yu decided to help her to fame.

She was unlike Mian Mian, who became arrogant after just a little taste of fame.

"It's okay, just work as you normally do. If they try to poach you, raise the price. Make them pay you 10 times more than we're paying you."

"Then what?" Jian Tong asked quietly.

"Then, sign with them and go work for them."

"President Su# I won't leave Imperial Star, not for all the money in the world. I just want to work for you," Jian Tong explained anxiously.

"Calm down, it's just a part of my plan. Don't worry and just do as I ask."

"A part of your plan#" Jian Tong kind of understood what he was talking about.

Su Yu smiled, unwilling to reveal any more#

As they all left, Jian Tong was escorted home by bodyguards# while Su Yu got onto his black Lamborghini#

"Hey# are you turning into a monk? Jian Tong's a good girl, don't you want to sleep with her? Treat it as draining excess energy, you might become impotent if you're celibate for too long." Wei Liao smiled.

"Even if I'm celibate for an entire year, I'll still be more of a man than any of you. Don't compare a god like me to normal people like you guys, okay?" Then, Su Yu stepped his gas pedal and drove his Lamborghini off into the night#

"What the hell# I applaud him for his arrogance." Wei Liao and Tang Chuan were rendered speechless by Su Yu's recent behavior.

Was it really that fun to sleep alone in a giant mansion?

Recently, Su Yu had been living a fulfilled life and stopped partying every day from dawn to dusk.

After work, he went home on time and occasionally cooked for himself.

There were three photos on his bedside table, all of the same women#

The first one was a candid photo of Huo Mian wearing black-rimmed glasses. Su Yu took it back when he was hospitalized.

The second one was taken during the charity dinner. Huo Mian was wearing a ballgown and standing on the stage.

The third one was from a couple days ago when she was asleep. He took it after drawing all over her face; it was adorable.

Su Yu felt delirious#

But he was still compelled to take a look at these photos every night before bed#

He also fantasized that one day, sooner or later, Huo Mian may sleep on his bed.

There was a saying, 'People had to live with a goal in mind'#

Yes, Huo Mian was married. Yes, his actions were morally incorrect.

However, he wasn't the third wheel in their relationship; he would only be one if Huo Mian cheated on Qin Chu with him.

If Huo Mian accepted him and they had a relationship, then he would be the homewrecker who ruined a marriage.

But now, Huo Mian's relationship with Qin Chu was stable, and she kept an extremely safe distance from him#

She had hurt his heart so many times, and he felt lonely so many times#

Therefore, he was at most a single man who was in love with a woman who didn't love him back#

Just then, he received a text message# It was from his assistant, An.

"Sir, five of the celebrities under our label are planning to sign with GK."

"I got it." After replying to An's text, Su Yu smiled, and then muttered to himself, "Qin Chu# you want to play? Fine then, game on."