Chapter 57: Secret Marriage

For a moment, she thought that it was Qin Chu walking out of the room, but it was Doctor Liu from the hospital's Neurosurgery Department.

"Doctor Liu, how is my brother?"

"The surgery went great; it was very successful."

Upon hearing his words, Huo Mian let out a sigh of relief, as if a huge weight had finally been lifted from her shoulders.

"Your brother is very lucky. The blood clot was in a very sensitive area of his brain, and there were no successful precedents for this kind of surgery in our country. Dr. Qin's surgical skills are truly masterful. With him as the lead surgeon, the success rate drastically increased." The admiration in Doctor Liu's voice was evident.

Huo Mian responded with a smile. Everyone was praising Qin Chu so it was easy to see that he played a crucial role in the operation.

"Where is my little brother?"

"He was brought to the VIP room by one of the assistants and will wake up after 12 hours. Don't worry too much."

"Alright. Thank you very much for all of your hard work, Doctor Liu."

"No problem, it wasn't a lot of work for the rest of us as we were only assisting Dr. Qin. He's the real hero. He doesn't look too well though and is currently resting in the lounge."

Afterward, Doctor Liu and the other doctors and nurses left the OR, one by one.

Seeing that Qin Chu hadn't come out, Huo Mian pushed open the door to the OR and walked inside.

The surgery was over. The lounge next to the OR was for the lead surgeon to rest in.

When Huo Mian went into the lounge, she saw an exhausted Qin Chu sitting on the sofa.

What she didn't know was that Qin Chu had just returned to the city the night before this surgery.

Before the surgery, he had just attended an all-night meeting. Given GK's involvement in multiple industries, the company was very busy, 366 days a year, eight days a week, 25 hours a day.

Although Qin Chu's father, Qin Yumin, was the chairman of the board, his heart was in poor condition, and he was suffering from high blood pressure. As a result, he was already entering retirement. Other than high-stake, billion-yuan projects, he left everything in the care of Qin Chu.

Although Qin Chu disliked his status as GK's president, he had made a promise to his father many years ago, and he was going to do his best.

With such a massive workload, a sleepless night, and an ensuing surgery, it was natural for him to feel utterly exhausted.

Perhaps the most important reason was that he hadn't eaten the entire day.

His stomach already began to protest...

Brain surgeries are incredibly demanding as they required the complete focus from the surgeon. One wrong move and the patient may lose their life or suffer long-lasting after effects.

Plus, the patient was Huo Mian's little brother. Qin Chu was obviously trying his hardest...

"Here, have some water. You don't look well." Huo Mian filled a disposable cup with warm water and handed it over to him.

Qin Chu lifted his head and looked at Huo Mian, remaining silent as he took the cup of water.

"Thank you for today. Really." Huo Mian expressed her gratitude sincerely.

Holding the cup of hot water, Qin Chu replied slowly, "We're married. You don't have to be so polite."

"..." Huo Mian was momentarily speechless. If he didn't remind her, she would've forgotten that today was the day they received their marriage certificate.

"Qin Chu."


"Could you please not tell anyone about our marriage..."

"Why not?"

"We're not from the same world, you...?"

"So what you're saying is, my status as GK's president will embarrass you?" Qin Chu put down the untouched water, his tone cold.

"No, it's not that. I just don't want it to get onto the media. My mother will see, and she has deep misunderstandings towards you."

"So we have to hide our marriage our entire life?" Qin Chu was evidently unwilling to do that. Who would want to hide the fact that they're married? In fact, he couldn't wait to tell the world that he and Huo Mian were husband and wife.