Chapter 522: The Truth About Dong Tao Town (2)

Chapter 522: The Truth About Dong Tao Town (2)
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"That wasn't me," Huo Mian immediately denied it.

"I don't believe you#"

"There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me." Huo Mian decided to keep her mouth shut because Zhu Lingling liked to gossip too much. If something slipped, then it would cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

The two walked forward as they talked and laughed#

After Huo Mian left that table, she continued to play and soon won quite a lot, but she knew that no matter how much she won, she still wouldn't become the final winner. In the end, all but two would remain standing.

So during the fierce competition, Huo Mian encountered Su Yu once again#

She didn't want to sit and play with Qin Chu, so she had to compete against Su Yu#

This time, Wei Liao had already been eliminated, and a fairly old-looking man sat beside Su Yu, but he looked quite stable and collected.

"Sit, we meet again." Su Yu smiled; he was clearly quite happy.

Huo Mian sat down#

After the cards were dealt, and just as they were about to call "landlord", Su Yu and Huo Mian looked at each other.

This round was very crucial because one had to be eliminated amongst the three of them.

"No one's calling to be the landlord? Then if there's no one, this round will go to waste, and we'll deal again," the dealer reminded them.

"He calls to be the landlord," Huo Mian said as she pointed at Su Yu.

"Me?" Su Yu was surprised, who called the landlord for someone else?

Plus, his cards weren't that good, why did he have to call landlord? He would be asking to lose for sure.

"You'll call! Hurry up and call it," Huo Mian forcefully ordered.

"Uhm# fine, I call to be the landlord." Su Yu finally lost to Huo Mian's will, as he couldn't refuse the beauty's charm.

The dealer was also shocked; this was the first time anyone had ever called the landlord for someone else in all the years he dealt cards.

Su Yu's cards weren't good, the man's cards were bad as well, but Huo Mian's cards were quite good.

She only didn't want to call landlord, because she wanted to join forces with Su Yu to defeat the man#

She looked at her chips; she had won about three hundred thousand or so, but that man only had about two hundred thousand or so.

Su Yu had three hundred thousand or so as well, so if Su Yu called landlord, and he won, then# she and that man's chips would be taken off by half.

The man would be eliminated in the end. If she called landlord, and won, then Su Yu would be in danger#

He went easy on her on purpose last time, so she had no reason not to do him a favor#

So the following scene occurred:

"One seven," Su Yu showed his cards.


"Girly, you won't even play with this?" The middle-aged man was suspicious.

"I've got a dragon (TL Note: consecutive cards in a row), do you want me to play with it separately?" Huo Mian refuted.

The man felt speechless, and finally, it turned into a battle between the man and Su Yu.

The odd thing was, Huo Mian played against whatever the man played#

"Hey, do you know how to play landlord? He's the landlord! Why are you playing against me instead of him?" The man was a bit pissed.

"I've got nothing to play against him with, but my continuous sequence goes perfectly against yours."

The man, "#"

Su Yu, "#."

In the end, Su Yu won with a set of terrible cards, and Huo Mian and the man both lost fifty thousand or so each.

After one round, the man was successfully eliminated#

The dealer looked at them and announced, "You two will have to play a variant of blackjack against each other."

Huo Mian was slightly surprised when she heard that she would still be playing against Su Yu #

"The one who moves onto the next round will become the second winner of tonight. Tomorrow, you will compete with the other winner for the grand prize," the dealer added.

Huo Mian only noticed just then, she was about to fight with Su Yu in a very crucial round#

It seemed like Qin Chu had already won across all boards on the other side#

"Do you want to play blackjack?' Su Yu laughed, happy that Huo Mian was his opponent.

He might not have smiled as much in a whole month as he did today#

Not far away, Wei Liao and Tang Chuan began to gossip#

"Look at how our Mr. Su's lips have cracked up to the sides? He's just playing cards with Huo Mian; if he sleeps with her, he'll probably fly into the sky," Tang Chuan teased.

"Our Young Master Su will do anything, and pay anything to get the beauty to smile. Just watch, I swear he'll lose to Huo Mian," Wei Liao predicted.

"Su Yu#" Huo Mian called quietly.


"Don't go easy on me on purpose again, let's fight fair and square."

Su Yu had been losing to Huo Mian on purpose, but the latter had just evened things out with Su Yu just a bit ago#

So, Huo Mian thought that it was best to play fair, or else there would be no point in playing.