Chapter 52: Compromise

"No I don't."

"I'm sorry sir, the president is very busy at the moment. You can't see him without a reservation."

"Stop this act, I'm his high school classmate."

"All the same, sir. Please don't make this harder for me. If you are his high school classmate, then you should be able to reach him yourself. I suggest that you call our president directly."

Wei Dong wanted to break in, but GK had extremely tight security; if he couldn't even get through to the first floor, how in the world would he be able to get to the top level, 56 floors from where he was?

As Qin Chu headed home in his humble Audi R8, Wei Dong blocked him at the gates of the parking lot.

If Qin Chu hadn't stepped on his brakes in time, he would've run him over.

Qin Chu stopped the car with a bad complexion on his face and slowly lowered the car window.

"Get out of the car, Qin Chu. Let's talk," Wei Dong spat out aggressively.

"I don't think there's anything we can talk about," Qin Chu remained full of pride.

The truth was that amongst all of his high school classmates, he didn't care much about anyone other than Huo Mian.

He was certainly not about to give Wei Dong a chance…

"Why did you attack my company? What did I do to you? Why are you pushing us to our deaths?" Wei Dong's face was filled with anger.

Qin Chu raised his head, his face cold and emotionless, "I'll forcefully acquire your company at a low price within a week, which will force you and your dad into a debt of hundreds of millions of yuan. By then you won't have any other choice but to commit suicide. Now that's what I would call being pushed to death."

Wei Dong's face grew pale after he heard this.

If someone else had said this, he might only laugh and call that person out for boasting.

However, it was Qin Chu who said it. He truly would be doomed, given Qin Chu's status and position.

Qin Chu was the heir of GK, which is one of the top businesses in the country, maybe even one of the top 50 in Asia.

He was capable of destroying a tiny company like theirs in a matter of seconds.

"Qin Chu, why are you doing this? After all, we were classmates. Do you… do you still like Huo Mian? Are you afraid that I will steal her from you?" Wei Dong wasn't brainless.

"Steal her from me? You really think highly of yourself, don't you? You think you can compete with me?" Qin Chu burst out in laughter.

Wei Dong was speechless; he indeed couldn't...

"I will give you one hour to cut ties with Huo Mian, or else you'll die horrendously."

After he spoke, Qin Chu rolled up the car window and left the company garage…

Wei Dong stood dumbfounded on the spot...

He truly liked Huo Mian and really did want to marry her, but sadly this sweet dream didn't even last for a day.

It seemed like he would never have the luck of marrying his goddess in this lifetime.

After Huo Mian got home, she was just about to wash the clothes she had taken off when her phone suddenly rang.

Once she picked up the phone and saw that it was from Wei Dong, she knew what she wanted to say.

She picked up the phone, and before Wei Dong could say anything, she said, "I've decided, I agree to your terms. Let's get married. Please transfer me the funds soon, my brother can't wait any longer."

"Huo Mian… Sorry, I'm truly sorry." On the other side of the phone, Wei Dong's voice sounded somewhat choked up.

"What? Did something happen?" asked Huo Mian when she heard that there was something odd about Wei Dong's voice.

"I… don't think I can lend you that money anymore."

Huo Mian's heart grew cold when she heard what he said.