Chapter 519: The Freak with High IQ (9)

Chapter 519: The Freak with High IQ (9)
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"Little girl, are you here alone?" The man's pick-up line was really outdated.

"Is there a problem?" Huo Mian looked at him, feeling confused.

"I lost to you today, you are brilliant indeed, so let's be friends. I'm Wang Hao."

"Sorry, I don't make friends with random strangers," Huo Mian replied arrogantly.

"We won't be strangers once we get to know each other better."

"The problem is, I don't want to get to know you."

"Eh# what? Little girl, are you giving me attitude since you won money off me?" The man felt as if his pride was hurt and started speaking in an odd tone.

"Looks to me like you're a sore loser and want to cause problems."

"Me? A sore loser? Do you know who I am? Do you know who my dad is? It'll scare you to death#"

The guy hadn't finished speaking when Gao Ran walked over#

"What's going on?"

Not far off, Gao Ran and Qin Chu had been watching, and seeing the stranger approach, Qin Chu lost his cool.

He wanted to come over, but Gao Ran was a step ahead, which was a good thing. After all, Gao Ran was an officer, making it easier for him to step in.

Seeing Gao Ran, the man froze, then smiled placatingly. "Yo, if it isn't Captain Gao from the station. What a coincidence, you're here too?"

Gao Ran glanced at the man. "Wang Hao, did you get so bored of gambling in the country that you jumped on board the cruise ship?"

"Hehe, well it's not illegal on board. Oh right, is this pretty girl a friend of yours?"

"She's my sister."

"Ahem# Sorry, I didn't realize who she was. Haha, I'll get going then. I'll treat you to a drink some other time."

"No, thank you, it will be my treat." Gao Ran's words clearly held a deeper meaning.

The man ran off terrified. Of course he didn't want to go and drink tea at the police station#

"Haha, who was that, running off like a wimp?" Zhu Lingling laughed.

"A small entrepreneur, his dad used to work at the local Tax Bureau so he's technically from a rich background. But he didn't do his job well, causing his company to almost go bankrupt and was constantly arrested for gambling. He's a crazy gambler. I heard that last year at Macau, he lost over 2 million in a single night and couldn't even afford to buy a plane ticket home."

"What a loser#" Zhu Lingling sighed.

"Huo Mian, are you okay?" Gao Ran asked.

"I'm fine, I played against him during the day and won quite a bit. I guess he came to pick a fight with me."

"He won't anymore, he knows who I am."

"Yeah," Huo Mian nodded, then the three of them returned to their table in front of the bar, drinking cocktails.

"It's such a shame that Huo Siqian didn't come to enjoy such a luxurious event," Gao Ran suddenly said.

"His interest was never gambling," Qin Chu said faintly.

"True, it has always been on women. Haha, word is that he's a pervert, trying to find a different woman every night, with a terrifying sexual appetite. Who knows if he's actually that amazing, or if he's on meds," Gao Ran laughed.

"You're so disgusting, Gao Ran, I can't believe you'd say such perverted things in front of us." Zhu Lingling pinched him.

"Hey, don't pinch me, it hurts. Besides, I don't see a problem. Huo Mian has experience; she's married, what doesn't she know?"

"But I'm still unmarried!"

"Yet you're more knowledgeable than a married woman. I won't even bother to unveil to what extent, so just be quiet."

"Ahem..." Zhu Lingling felt awkward and didn't know what to say.

Huo Mian hugged Qin Chu's arm, listening to the English song the singer was performing, clearly in a good mood.

"Honey..." Qin Chu said in a low voice.

"Yeah?" Huo Mian raised her head to look at his handsome face.

"If I lose to Su Yu in the finals, would you be disappointed?" Qin Chu spoke each word in a tone so low that only the two of them would be able to hear.