Chapter 517: The Freak with High IQ (7)

Chapter 517: The Freak with High IQ (7)
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"Given your lack of common sense, I don't know how you survived to today. A seasick person would only make their conditions worse by smoking, because the smell of smoke irritates the brain and senses, causing more severe reflux."

Su Yu, "..."

Wei Liao, "Listen to the doctor."

Su Yu, "She's not a doctor, just a nurse, okay?"

Huo Mian, "I see that you still have the energy to talk back to me, I guess you don't need my help then?"

At that, Huo Mian turned to leave#

"Eh Eh Eh# That's not what I meant, don't go, I# I'm really very seasick," Su Yu spoke in a soft tone for the first time, not because he actually wanted Huo Mian to treat his sea-sickness, but because he wanted her to stay a bit longer.

Huo Mian paused in her steps. Turning around angrily, she pulled on Su Yu's shirt and yanked him onto the big bed in the bedroom.

She pulled out a small bottle of essential balm from her little purse, applied some to her fingertips, and lightly pressed on a pressure point on Su Yu's temple.

When Su Yu's head came into contact with Huo Mian's fingertips, he immediately felt an electric shock through his entire body.

That mysterious feeling, that feeling of nervousness, that feeling of extreme excitement#

"Ahem# I'll just make myself scarce." Wei Liao motioned to leave.

"You don't need to leave, I'll take him outside for some fresh air." Huo Mian tapped Su Yu's right temple and then proceeded to drag him out of the room.

5 meters from Su Yu's room was a hallway that led directly to the deck.

Huo Mian dragged him all the way to the deck to enjoy the comfortable ocean breeze, and as expected, Su Yu began to feel a lot better#

"When you're seasick, you can't eat too much food. You should maintain a half hungry condition, and try to avoid any irritating smells, including seafood and cigarettes. You can make your symptoms better by coming out for some fresh air, and get the front desk to send up some medicine. Although it won't be super effective, it's still better than nothing."

Huo Mian said a lot, but Su Yu didn't remember a single thing...

Because he was too busy looking at Huo Mian's profile#

Huo Mian was no longer wearing her glasses at this point, and the sea breeze blew onto her delicate face; the corner of her eyes appeared to have gained a different kind of charisma.

Su Yu had a crazy thought, he wanted to hug her, then kiss her eyes. (TL Note: Woah, that's kinky)

But he was scared because he was afraid that once he overstepped, he wouldn't be able to get even half a step near her again.

"Did you remember everything I just said?"

Su Yu, "#"

"Why are you staring off into space like an idiot?" Huo Mian glared at Su Yu.

"I'm# I'm not."

"Did you get everything that I said?"


"Repeat it back to me," Huo Mian said in all seriousness.

Su Yu, "#"

"Yo girl, you're playing me on purpose, aren't you? How is it possible for me to repeat that long spiel of yours, I'm not a playback machine," Su Yu complained on purpose.

"Forget it, it's a waste of my breath to speak too much to you," Huo Mian sighed slightly.

Then, she asked Su Yu, "I don't get it, don't you know that you get seasick? Why did you come aboard in the first place? Are you so bored that you had to get involved? You're not in need of any money, the prize money shouldn't be of any temptation for you."

"Ahem# I um# It's a hobby of mine," Su Yu said purposely.

"You like to gamble?" Huo Mian frowned.

"No, I like to be where the party is."

Huo Mian, "..."

Su Yu's reply left her at a loss for words. Risking his health to be a part of the party# Although she couldn't empathize with seasickness, she knew that it was a feeling worse than death. People usually felt as if they were going to throw up their organs.

That kind of feeling was almost like one was going to go to heaven...

"Fine, anyways, be careful, drink some ice water if you feel uncomfortable so you can control it. Don't move around too much, and don't eat too many random things."

Huo Mian then turned around to leave...

"Huo Mian." He suddenly yelled out, unwilling to let her go.

Huo Mian turned around to look at Su Yu#