Chapter 516: The Freak with High IQ (6)

Chapter 516: The Freak with High IQ (6)
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"Not much." Huo Mian modestly smiled.

"How much is not much?"

"Only two hundred thousand, it's not even one-fifth of what you have."

"You don't need much, just enough for you to advance."

"There's no meaning in advancing, I won't win anyways."

"Who said that?" smiling, Qin Chu asked.

"Do I have to say it? I'll never win with you here." Huo Mian pouted her mouth, looking as if she had been wronged.

"I'll just give you first place."

"No, I want you to win it."


"I'll be happier if you got the first place because nobody knows who I am, there's no point if I win. As for you, you represent GK, and if you win, it'll help with GK's development as well as your own reputation."

"How can your small brain move so quickly? You leave no ground for other people to stand on."

"If I am not smart, I wouldn't have married you, right?" Huo Mian replied.

The two looked at each other and smiled...

Closeby, Su Yu silently looked as the scene unfolded with his chips, which were worth more than a million dollars.

"Hey# you shouldn't have come, you have no interest in becoming the gambling god, and you don't care about the prize anyway. You're just here to suffer motion sickness#" Wei Liao complained.

That was right, Su Yu suffered from motion sickness on water...

However, he got on the cruise ship anyways, just to see the face of a certain somebody.

"Don't talk crap#" After coldly speaking, Su Yu turned around to leave Cloud Hall with an unpleasant expression.

After two hours of battle, having lost all their chips, Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were both stuffing their faces with food now.

Those who only won a little were eliminated as well, and the remaining fifty advanced to the second round of competitions tomorrow.

"Honey, do you know what are we playing tomorrow?" Huo Mian excitedly asked.

"Probably Dou Dizhu." (TL Note: A classic Chinese card game, literally translates to 'fight the landlord')

Huo Mian was speechless...

"Dou Dizhu? Are you sure you're not mistaken?" Huo Mian felt like it was a stretch, how could they play a lame game like that at such a big international event?

"Who knows? I was just guessing." Qin Chu smiled.

After returning to their room, Qin Chu took out his laptop and held a video conference with Assistant Yang.

Huo Mian wanted to go find Lingling, but then she realized that she may be disrupting the couple.

Standing outside the door, Huo Mian was conflicted. That was when she saw Wei Liao headed in her direction...

"Huo Mian, can you come and take a look at Su Yu?"

"What's wrong with him?" Seeing the anxiety in Wei Liao's expression, Huo Mian felt uneasy.

"He's seasick, and he's throwing up a lot."

"Seasick?" Huo Mian was a little astonished, but without another word, she followed Wei Liao into Su Yu's room.

They belonged to the highest class of guests, so their rooms were all located on the most luxurious floors and were executive suites.

They were on the same floor as well, so they arrived after walking a few hundred meters and turning a few times.

When Huo Mian walked in, Su Yu was hunched over the toilet in the washroom and throwing his guts out...

"Su Yu, I got the goddess# oh, wait, no, I got the godlike doctor for you."

After Wei Liao finished speaking, Su Yu was pulled back to reality. He was leaning against the toilet, looking weak and ruined with a pale face.

However, surprise and happiness appeared the moment he saw Huo Mian, though it was very brief.

"Why are you here?" Struggling, he forced himself up and wiped his mouth with some tissue.

"I heard that you're seasick." Huo Mian patiently looked at him.

Su Yu nodded, grabbing the pack of cigarettes from the counter and putting one in his mouth.

Before he could light it, Huo Mian dashed over, grabbed it from him, and threw it into the garbage can.

"Uh# What are you doing?" Su Yu was a little stunned.