Chapter 515: The Freak with High IQ (5)

Chapter 515: The Freak with High IQ (5)
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"Yeah, the girl has big cards too, but her luck is not as good," another man said.

Huo Mian didn't speak and silently looked at the table...

The dealer dealt for the third time, and her opponent got another ace, causing the crowd to gasp...

He had three aces in view, it was the largest possible value one could have!

As for Huo Mian, she got a jack. Huo Mian had two kings and a jack whereas her opponent had three aces.

The young man laughed out loud and threw in fifty thousand chips in a satisfied manner, "I'll raise fifty thousand this time. Little girl, are you brave enough to follow?"

Huo Mian's face showed conflicted emotions for a bit, it looked like she was thinking...

"Girl, stop thinking. Even if you have three kings, you would still have less than him. You'll suffer a crushing defeat."

"What if he only has two eights hidden?" Huo Mian asked.

"Hahaha# Are you joking? How could I have two eights?" The man arrogantly laughed.

Just when everyone thought Huo Mian would fold, she pushed in all her remaining chips, which was about ninety thousand dollars.

She only said two words, "All in."

"Are you crazy?" the spectators fell into an uproar, thinking that Huo Mian had lost her mind.

"Are you sure you want to go all in?" The man was about to jump with joy, he had never seen a more idiotic woman.

She even bet that he had two eights, the smallest cards. He didn't, he had a jack and a queen, which were still relatively valuable cards.

So, he thought that the girl was going to lose for sure...

"I'm sure," Huo Mian gave a firm answer.

The man immediately matched with about ninety thousand dollars worth of chips.

"I'll go all in with you#"

The dealer calmly looked at the two players and said, "Please show your cards."

The man couldn't hold his ground and flipped his cards, showing a jack and a queen.

Added onto that were three aces.

Huo Mian's mouth formed a smile as she showed her cards.

Everyone's jaws dropped...

It was two kings, and Huo Mian already had two kings and a jack shown.

Although the man had the greatest value with three aces, Huo Mian had four kings.

It was completely unexpected...

"Holy f*ck, four kings! What in the world..." The spectators were all excited.

The man across from her was shocked speechless and looked at Huo Mian with a pale face. "Impossible, she cheated!"

The dealer slowly said, "Sir, please remain calm. The cards are all provided by us, the hosting party. There are no issues, and all guests who entered Cloud Hall went through high-tech scanners. Cheating isn't possible since nobody brought in any cards."

"How could this be# how?" The man was dumbfounded; he fell back to his chair and kept repeating the same sentence.

The most infuriating thing was that he thought the girl had no backing since she was appearing to be very conflicted just now. If it were anyone else, they would be bursting through the roof with arrogance when they saw four kings in their hand. However, Huo Mian was not like that, as she thought that she would scare her opponent into a small bid if she acted too confident. She faked a conflicted expression and successfully muddled her opponent's analytical abilities, winning everything.

The dealer pushed two hundred and fifty thousand chips in front of Huo Mian with his ruler...

Huo Mian slowly opened the bag she brought along with her and put all the chips in.

She then rose slowly and left the table...

"This girl is too pro," the two other opponents lamented.

It was a good thing that they folded early. Otherwise, they would've lost everything as well...

"Does anyone know her? Who is she?" one of the men asked.

Since all the guests on the cruise were local celebrities, most people knew each other. However, they had never seen the girl who wore black-rimmed glasses and a mickey mouse sweater, so they were quite shocked.

Most people expressed that they didn't know her, which increased the mystery behind her identity.

When she got back to Qin Chu again, he had already finished his battle and was smoking on the couch with a million dollars worth of spoils.

Seeing Huo Mian walk up, he pulled her down so she was sitting in his lap, treating her with adoration.

"How much did you win?" Qin Chu gently smiled and asked her.