Chapter 513: The Freak with High IQ (3)

Chapter 513: The Freak with High IQ (3)
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Without hesitation, Huo Mian took out ten thousand dollars in chips and put them in with a 'pa'. "Ten thousand."

The spectators around them were stunned# Ten thousand was quite a large amount of money, as everyone only had a hundred thousand chips in total.

The smoking woman was originally fully confident, but when she saw how exuberant Huo Mian was, she immediately hesitated.

Her visible cards were king, ace, and queen, with another ace and king as her hidden cards.

As for Huo Mian, her visible cards were queen, jack, and ace with eight and nine as her hidden cards. Huo Mian lost for sure whether it was her visible or hidden cards.

However, others did not know what Huo Mian had. They only saw her courageously raising ten thousand.

The man wearing glasses said, "This girl probably has a straight flush, either with eight, nine, ten, jack, and queen or ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. She could also have some other poker hand."

They saw Huo Mian's shown cards were queen, jack, and ace and therefore thought that she had a king and a ten.

"Ma'am, would you like to raise? If so, please place your bid," the dealer reminded the smoking woman.

She hesitated for five seconds before looking up at Huo Mian and discovering that the young lady's face was filled with confidence.

She clenched her teeth and turned her cards down. In a defeated tone, she said, "I fold."

"The winner is this lady here." The dealer saw her forfeit and pushed the chips in the pot to Huo Mian with his ruler.

Huo Mian won 14,000 dollars in one go, it couldn't be more satisfying...

"What cards did you have?" The woman deeply inhaled and threw her cigarette butt onto the ground. Stepping on it with force, she begrudgingly asked Huo Mian.

Huo Mian smiled and turned her cards up with her slim fingers, dropping the jaws of everyone around.

It was only an eight and a nine...

It was so much less than her opponent, but she was brave enough to place a ten thousand dollar bid. Was she looking for death?

"What? Eight and nine, you#" The woman was jumping with rage.

If she had known that the girl had so few points, she would have raised with everything she had. She gave up at the key moment with the large numbers she had, only because she thought that Huo Mian had a straight flush.

"You had so few points, how could you be so confident?" The man wearing glasses was speechless, and he asked Huo Mian in a hushed tone.

"My self-confidence wasn't based on my points, but rather on the fact that the woman wasn't brave enough to follow, because she thought I had a straight flush." Carefully packing up her chips into the bag, Huo Mian's mood was busting through the roof.

"I'm gonna die from anger, what a shame," the woman complained.

The bald man looked at Huo Mian with respect, "That was daring of you. Let's play another round."

"No, I have to switch tables now. You've seen my tactics, it won't be fun for me to keep playing here." Smiling, Huo Mian rose from the table.

She wasn't actually afraid to continue playing, because even if she did, they would still lose.

Although they were all older than Huo Mian, they couldn't hold their composure and showed their emotions overtly.

Seeing their changes in expression was enough for Huo Mian to guess the approximate value of their cards, it wasn't challenging at all.

She was just trying her luck though, it wasn't great. The good thing was that Huo Mian had a quick brain and won using psychological tactics.

"Yo, girl, you're too daring. Sit with me and we can win everything off of them." At some point, Tang Chuan walked up behind Huo Mian and began watching her. To be frank, he was sincerely worried for Huo Mian.

If that woman was a little gutsier and raised ten thousand, then Huo Mian would've suffered a crushing defeat, right?

The girl had the guts to gamble, no wonder Su Yu liked her so much, she was indeed likable.

"Sorry, I don't like working with others," softly smiling, Huo Mian straight up rejected Tang Chuan's invitation to join forces.

Then, she walked towards another table...

"Eh# This girl's too bold#" Tang Chuan's face filled with loneliness.

He was counting on Huo Mian to win big since his luck today was quite bad. He lost both rounds he played. If he kept on losing, he would probably be eliminated before the day ends.

Huo Mian circled around and finally found Zhu Lingling. Looking at her chips, Huo Mian almost fainted.

"Miss Zhu Lingling, do you know that you're close to being eliminated?" Sitting down beside her, Huo Mian hopelessly reminded her.