Chapter 509: The Night of the Gamble God (9)

Chapter 509: The Night of the Gamble God (9)
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"Maybe you heard wrong, I said that# The moon tonight is so round, haha." After speaking, Gao Ran purposefully raised his head to look at the moon.

Perhaps Gao Ran knew that he had the low ground, so he didn't dare say anything else...

Qin Chu and Huo Mian looked at each other and smiled...

Qin Chu and the three others were highly recognizable. Qin Chu was wearing a mysterious black slim fit, custom-made suit.

As for Gao Ran, he wore a navy blue suit. Zhu Lingling dressed up beautifully, with a fishtail short skirt paired with a white blouse with Korean styled lotus sleeves.

Golden high heels paired with her curled long hair made her look mature and sexy...

As for Huo Mian, she was weirdly dressed, as if she didn't belong here at all...

The male guests here tonight wore suits, and female guests mostly wore evening gowns or short dresses.

Each one was prettier than the other, but Huo Mian wore a black sweater with a Mickey Mouse pattern on it.

It was a simple overhead sweater, and her trousers had a loose waist but were slim fitting. On her feet was a pair of white tennis shoes.

It was an outfit that a student would wear and was way too casual for this event. Moreover, she was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses.

They covered her pair of pretty, clear eyes...

Huo Mian's hair was tied up in a trendy bun which matched her outfit, but it really wasn't appropriate for this event.

To be frank, before she left, Huo Mian didn't dress up because she was debating whether to come or follow her heart and stay home.

"Girl, listen to me and change. Your outfit is forgettable, you look like a passerby," Zhu Lingling advised.

"Yeah, I'm not criticizing you, but as the young madam of GK, you're dressed like a nobody. It's not fitting to the occasion, you don't have to stun everyone here, but you should look at least presentable, right?" Gao Ran agreed with Zhu Lingling.

"It's alright, it's not a beauty pageant. Anyways, even my husband isn't disgusted with me, you two should stop nagging me."

After speaking, Huo Mian playfully hugged Qin Chu's arm and acted like a spoiled little girl.

As for Qin Chu, he remained silent and grabbed onto Huo Mian's hand, his eyes filled with love.

No matter what Huo Mian wore, she was equally beautiful in Qin Chu's eyes. That wasn't up for question.

Closeby, Su Yu and his entourage had just arrived. There were seven or eight of them and they were all tonight's special guests.

Su Yu was leading them, and to his left and right were Wei Liao and Tang Chuan.

Su Yu was wearing a white shirt and casual black pants. He looked simplistic and refreshing yet his handsomeness was off the charts.

Although he wasn't super handsome like Qin Chu, he wasn't losing in terms of presence.

"Young Master Su#"

"President Su#"

"Hi, Young Master Su#"

On his way, the guests all nodded and greeted Su Yu.

"That looks like Huo Mian in the front," Wei Liao focused his vision and said quietly.

"I'm not blind."

Su Yu immediately saw Huo Mian as soon as he boarded the ship, and his gaze never left her...

However, her public display of affection with Qin Chu made Su Yu's fragile heart feel defeated, putting the prince in a sullen mood.

"Ahem# What's with this Huo Mian, showing her affection twenty-four seven. The saying goes that 'the more one flaunts their love, the faster it dies'. So I don't think they'll last long, haha. You should steal her from him as soon as possible." Tang Chuan laughed.

"I won't disappoint you all#" Su Yu said word by word as he strode forward.

After boarding the boat and getting their gold cards, everyone returned to their rooms according to the room number on their cards.

The cruise was eight stories tall, and apparently, it had everything, including a bar, a gym, a pool room, a karaoke bar, a nightclub, a restaurant, and anything else one might need.

It was a moving five-star hotel with a built-in mall, pool, and a mini-golf course.

It was extremely luxurious...

"Why don't I# share a room with Huo Mian?" When they were splitting rooms, Zhu Lingling suddenly suggested.

Qin Chu was speechless...

Huo Mian was also at a loss for words...