Chapter 507: The Night of the Gamble God (7)

Chapter 507: The Night of the Gamble God (7)
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"Because the Night of the Gamble God really tests one's intelligence."

"So you want to test out my intelligence?" Huo Mian burst out laughing.

"No, I just want to show off your intelligence. I want the whole world to see how awesome my wife is."

"Ahem# I'll give you nine stars for this compliment, and the last star is reserved so that you don't get too proud."

"So# you've agreed?"

"But three days and three nights is too long, I can't push work aside." Huo Mian was still a bit reluctant.

"I've already called Wu Zhongxing, he didn't dare to refuse."

Huo Mian, "#"

"Honey, is it really okay for you to threaten Director Wu like this? Will he try to take it out on me?"

"If he does, then it only means that Wu Zhongxing doesn't want to keep his director position anymore," Qin Chu said slowly.

"Mr. Qin, does your wife know how tyrannical you are?" Huo Mian rested her chin on her hand and closely inspected Qin Chu's gorgeous face.

"My wife knows, because I'm just as tyrannical in bed."

Huo Mian immediately covered her face, as it burned up like fire. Was it really appropriate to flirt so openly like this?

Huo Mian liked South Hill Manor very much since it was pretty much made of money...

Plus, it had everything, from butler to maids. They truly lived an extremely luxurious life.

However, she understood why Qin Chu was so considerate, as he arranged everything so that their future children could live a privileged life.

- Inside Su Yu's private mansion -

Su Yu climbed out of the pool, exhausted from ten or so laps.

Wei Liao passed over a towel as he lied on the chair, closed his eyes, and rested#

"Night of Lawrence's Pearl# must be very interesting."

"I won't go even if it's interesting, it still wouldn't be more fun than Las Vegas. If you think a bunch of rowdy hillbillies are fun, then you should go with Tang Chuan." Su Yu was clearly not in the mood.

"Hillbillies? Please, did you even know that Qin Chu is going? Is he a hillbilly?"

"Qin Chu is going as well?" Su Yu suddenly filled with energy.

"Not only is Qin Chu going, I think Huo Mian is going as well."

"Who said so?"

"I did." Wei Liao was overwhelmingly confident.

Su Yu, "#"

"Do you think you're an almighty god? You know all that's in the future?"

Su Yu immediately lost his interest when he heard that Wei Liao was only guessing.

"Just think about it. After we get on the boat, we'll be on it for three days and three nights. Qin Chu will definitely go, because I had someone ask about it, and he's on Lawrence's VIP list. The most important guests are you and Qin Chu, and from what I gathered, his assistant has canceled all of his plans for the next three days and three nights, which means that he's definitely going. I think Huo Mian's going because I don't think Qin Chu would leave his wife at home like that for three days and three nights. Plus, there are all those female stars and models on the boat, what if rumors get out? He wouldn't ever be able to convince Huo Mian that he's innocent."

Wei Liao's analysis was quite reasonable, and Su Yu thought he had a point.

He suddenly stood up and threw his towel off to the side...

"What are you doing?" Wei Liao was frightened to see him like so.

Su Yu didn't say anything, as he picked up the phone and dialed a number, "Tell that hairy Lawrence that I'm going to the Night of Lawrence's Pearl."

Wei Liao laughed at how impatient he was#

Perhaps everywhere Huo Mian would appear in the future, would be Su Yu's target destination#

- 8 PM the next night -

Qin Chu, Huo Mian, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling all appeared by the entrance of the luxurious cruise.

Others showed their invitation#

Qin Chu, however, led them in without anything, and no one dared to stop them. One couldn't help but be amazed at how powerful he was.

"Do you know what the winner of the Night of the Gamble God will receive?" Qin Chu asked them as he smiled profoundly.