Chapter 505: The Night of the Gamble God (5)

Chapter 505: The Night of the Gamble God (5)
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Su Yu asked the reporter with a smile on his face, "Which newspaper outlet are you from?"

"President Su#?" The reporter was clearly frightened.

"Go back and tell your boss, if you dare to ask another brainless and useless question like this one, don't blame me for bankrupting him."

"Yes, yes, yes, my mistake. I'm sorry, President Su." The reporter was so scared that she began retreating.

"Could everyone please ask about the new production only? Thanks for your cooperation." Lisa immediately rushed forward and protected her boss.

Huo Mian finally let out a sigh of relief; luckily Su Yu didn't say anything.

She was truly scared that someone might reveal her, and then countless media outlets and spotlights would target her, every day.

By then she would completely lose her freedom...

After the reform of South Side, along with funding from the Huo Foundation, the hospital received plenty of praises from various sources.

There were more and more patients, and Huo Mian became busier and busier. She was the Head Nurse, so she didn't need to take a lot of night shifts.

However, because of the increase in patients, she had to work overtime. Even though it was very tiring, she felt that her life was very meaningful and fulfilling.

- Several days later -

On Friday night, Huo Mian was about to go home after a day of work, but before she could leave, she received a call from Zhu Lingling.


"Quick, quick, quick."

"Talk slower, what are you 'quicking' about?" Huo Mian was very confused.

"Night of the Lawrence's Pearl, I want a boat ticket, you've got to get me one."

"Night of the Pearl? What's that?" Huo Mian didn't know what it was, but Zhu Lingling seemed to want a ticket more than anything.

It completely confused her#

"Whoa, girl, are you from the mountainside? You don't even know what it is?"

"I don't," Huo Mian replied immediately.

"Lawrence is a big boss in Las Vegas. The new personalized luxurious cruise he ordered last year is called Gamble God, and this boat cruises all around the world, and approaches harbors at uncertain times. Once it docks, they would throw a massive party by that city's harbor for three days and three nights, and that would also be the so-called 'Night of the Gamble God'. They say that plenty of European and American actors and singers will board and perform on the boat, along with the attendance of top domestic socialites, wealthy men, and other superstars."

"So, what does that have to do with me?"

"Let me finish first." Lingling was clearly very excited.

Huo Mian wore her earphones, as she sat in the car, and placed her bag on the passenger seat.

Then she drove away from South Side in her Audi R8.

"I just got off the plane, and I heard a passenger in first class say that the Gamble God is docking near our city tonight around 8 PM. My gosh, which means that it'll host a luxurious gala in our city for three days and three nights. They've already sent out the invitations for this year, and apparently, there are only 100 tickets reserved for people in our city. Invited guests are successful people, and Mr. Qin is definitely one the most important figures, so I thought, maybe you can ask Qin Chu to get an invitation for me?"

"So that's what you want." Huo Mian finally understood.


"But# that's a game for a bunch of men, why would you want to go?" Huo Mian felt reluctant, as she never liked to join in on the rowdiness.

"I want to go see my idol. You know that I love those handsome European and American stars; they all look bad and rebellious. Haha, such a cutie#" Zhu Lingling grew more and more excited as she spoke.

"Fine, fine, you're such a female perv. I promise you that I'll get you a ticket as long as Qin Chu has a way."

"That's fantastic, love you."

"Okay, okay, I have to drive now. Talk to you later." Huo Mian smiled after she hung up.

Lingling still liked to chase after stars, but what's there to like about European and American stars? Her English was quite good, but she would still have different living habits than those people. Plenty of interracial marriages have failed, so Zhu Lingling was truly crazy.

Huo Mian didn't forget that she agreed to stay at South Hill Manor with Qin Chu every Friday.

When she parked her car outside the lawn, the butler immediately came out to open the door for Huo Mian.

"Uncle Li, I can do it myself," Huo Mian felt very bad when she saw the fifty-year-old elder open the door for her.

"Young Mistress, you must be tired from driving all the way here." Qin Chu hired Uncle Li from abroad, and apparently, he had very high work ethics.

As Huo Mian opened her mouth, she saw Qin Chu's Maybach slowly drive in. Qin Chu just happened to be right after her, but why didn't she see him from her rearview mirror?