Chapter 504: The Night of the Gamble God (4)

Chapter 504: The Night of the Gamble God (4)
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Huo Mian only wore a white T-shirt with a red trench coat and long black pants. It wasn't formal attire, but it was full of liveliness. She didn't look like a 24-year-old girl, instead, she seemed a lot like a college student.

"President Huo, what did you need me for?" Huo Mian didn't want to interact too much with Huo Siqian, so she directly got to the point.

"You're taking the old man's side?" asked Huo Siqian with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm sure you noticed."

"You're really stubborn with your words# Fine, let's not talk about that, did you like the koala bear yesterday?"

"I do, who doesn't like an eight-million-yuan koala bear?" Huo Mian said on purpose as she looked up at him.

Huo Siqian immediately laughed out loud#

"What are you laughing at?"

"I'm laughing at how direct you are#"

"That goes without saying. I don't like to beat around the bushes. I can't compete with you guys, even hiding presents. What a scene."

"Would you accept it if I didn't do so? This is called strategy, do you understand?"

"I do, I've already witnessed President Huo's strategy, but you've gained nothing from it. You wanted to get me on your side by giving me such an expensive gift, and you want me to help you fight against the old man, right?"

"No, myself alone is enough to deal with the old man and his group." Huo Siqian shook his head.

"Then you#.?"

"Who I give gifts to, and what I give is purely for my own liking. Don't be pressured, you've managed the Huo Foundation very well. If you weren't as strict as you were, then we probably won't know where all its money went. After the different layers of management all take their share, barely any would be left. Even though I don't ask about it very often, it's very clear with just one look at the accounts. Just see the gift as a reward from me."

"Really, then if so, thank you for the present#" Huo Mian replied.

"There's no need for you to be too polite# with me." After Huo Siqian spoke; he spun the globe, as if he was deep in thought.

"Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about, President Huo? If there isn't, I'll be leaving now."


After she left Huo Siqian's office, the female secretary stopped her once again.

"Ms. Huo, the President has ordered me to give you some of the company's newest skin care products."

"What is it this time?" Huo Mian was confused.

"Face masks, President Huo said that Ms. Huo has turned dark from the sun recently."

Huo Mian, "#"

She subconsciously touched her face. Has she really? She hasn't been tanning though.

She took the facemasks without further politeness and then drove home. After she had lunch, she cleaned up Imperial Park before finally driving to South Side for work...

Even though she had technically returned to the Huo Family, she was no more than a puppet board member and didn't interfere with company affairs.

The hospital was still where her real work was, and the Huo Foundation was also one of her key focuses.

Huo Mian had always been curious as to why Huo Siqian suddenly decided to be a saint and establish a charity.

However, she finally realized the reason when she read yesterday's newspaper.

It turned out that there were advantages with charity work because the Huo Foundation had an extremely prestigious public reputation and did a lot of good for the city.

As a result, the government even allotted a piece of land to the Huo Corporation, and gave them tax exemptions; it was certainly a big gain with a small price to pay.

She knew that Huo Siqian would never involve himself in a money-losing business.

Inside her office, Huo Mian watched TV while she looked over the files of new patients.

The TV suddenly interrupted the program with the news. "Imperial Star recently invested in a young idol movie, 'Courting You 99 Times'."

The female lead was a second-rate star, Jian Tong, who Huo Mian was somewhat familiar with. She had been in a few spy movies in the past, and even though she didn't look very pretty, she was cute and likable.

She stood beside Su Yu in the television, as the two promoted the new movie together...

"President Su, a source claims that you've been courting a Cinderella, is it true? No one knows what she does for a living, so can you tell us? Who is this lucky girl who caught your interest?" a reporter suddenly asked.

Huo Mian immediately felt a slight anxiety rush# as she raised her head and closely stared at the big screen.