Chapter 502: The Night of the Gamble God (2)

Chapter 502: The Night of the Gamble God (2)
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Gao Ran, "Wow, oh wow, oh woooow#"

Zhu Lingling, "Ha, more than eight million? Did Huo Siqian really tear through his wallet this time?"

Huo Mian, "#"

"So it really isn't a bug?" Huo Mian asked, still worried.

"It isn't# It seems to be just a birthday present, I was overly concerned." Qin Chu handed the bracelet to Huo Mian after he spoke.

Huo Mian felt a bit awkward, as she picked up the bracelet and stood up to walk out right away. "I've to go find him and give it back to him."

"He's already given it to you, so you might as well keep it." Qin Chu, on the other hand, was very calm.

"You're not angry?" Huo Mian looked at him, still worried.

"Why would I be angry? He should give the entire Huo Corporation to you." Qin Chu smiled because he knew of Huo Siqian's intentions towards Huo Mian all too well.

However, he didn't want to say too much, as he worried that Huo Mian would feel pressured#

So, he pulled on her shoulder to sit down and comforted her.

"Yes, since it's for you, you might as well keep it. If you won't wear it, then you can give it to your mom to wear. Why won't you keep it since it was given to you? Plus, Huo Siqian always spends quite a lot of money on chicks anyways," Zhu Lingling suggested.

Huo Mian looked at the eight million or so jade bracelet helplessly, and she truly didn't know what to say.

She thought it was only a stuffed toy, and that was why she accepted it without any pressure or concern.

Who knew that there would be such an expensive thing hidden inside the toy's stomach? Huo Siqian was truly a weirdo#

Huo Siqian's gift gave them all a scare, but although it was just a false alarm, they were no longer in the mood of having fun anymore.

So everyone prepared to leave Seductive Fox. Rick personally came over just as they were about to leave and said something to Qin Chu.

Huo Mian finally understood how Qin Chu found out about the dangerous situation she was in last time.

It turned out that, the owner here was friends with Qin Chu, and her predictions were right. If Su Yu didn't help her out last time, then this Rick would still help her chase away the flies that came to bother her#

- Inside the presidential suite of some hotel -

Huo Siqian looked at the foreign girl beneath him, and the desires he had previously suddenly vanished.

He flipped over, and lied down#

"What's wrong, Mr. Huo?" The girl was confused, as she looked at Huo Siqian with mystified eyes.

"Rosa, I'm a bit tired, you should go home."

"Okay, remember to call me." The girl spoke in broken Chinese, and then she got dressed and left, without a hint of hesitation or complaint.

Huo Siqian drank quite a lot today; he basically spent his entire day at Seductive Fox.

He indeed waited until the arrival of Huo Mian and the others, because he knew that there was a special relationship between Qin Chu and Seductive Fox's owner.

So he arrived early and waited around until he finally saw Huo Mian.

He was quite happy the moment he gave her the gift, but why does he feel perplexed now?

Huo Siqian took out a cigarette and lit it#

Then, with his upper body naked, he walked to the window with a white towel around his waist.

He looked at the beautiful night sky and suddenly remembered something that happened seven years ago#

Huo Mian wore a blue-striped dress, with her hair in a ponytail, as she stood before a massive glass window.

She looked at a stuffed toy intently - it was a stuffed koala bear.

Her eyes were so gentle, as she even reached out with her fingers in an attempt to touch the koala.

Even though she clearly knew it was fake, she still looked at it full of novelty.

Later on, he never saw any stuffed toys around Huo Mian. Every girl liked dogs, pigs, and the "Zootopia" bunny and fox that have been spreading around like crazy on the internet, but she didn't like any of it at all.

She only liked the dumb looking, cute koala...

It was a secret that only he knew.

He personally bought the half-meter tall koala at a toy store quite a while ago, but he bought the jade bracelet only last week at the auction.

These were his birthday presents to her#

Huo Siqian always had an image in his mind - Huo Mian in a moon-white-colored qipao, with a white jade bracelet on her wrist.

Huo Mian's temperament had an old time charm to it. She had distinct features and an aura that couldn't be put into words.

Unfortunately, Huo Mian didn't like to wear a qipao, so she never did, and Huo Siqian gave her a jade bracelet in hopes that one day, he would be able to see her wear it with a qipao.

Then, her beauty would charm the daylight, and fill the length of time, and of course, enchant him.

The cigarette smoke flew within the air, as Huo Siqian slightly lifted the corners of his mouth. "Mian, how much longer will I have to wait for you?"

On the way back, Huo Mian sneezed, "Achoo!"

"What's wrong, did you catch a cold?" Qin Chu immediately held up the jacket beside him with one hand and covered Huo Mian's legs with it.