Chapter 499: The Drug You Can*t Get Off of (9)

Chapter 499: The Drug You Can*t Get Off of (9)
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"I want to sleep with you, are you down?" Su Yu looked at Wei Liao as he gritted his teeth.

"Ha, I'll pass. I like girls, not men. I would still refuse, even though you're fairly attractive."

Su Yu never imagined that one day he would be filled with joy, only because a girl posted on Weibo.

Ever since he met Huo Mian, he suddenly realized how beautiful his world could be...

Even though Huo Mian wasn't his girlfriend yet, he still felt like his money-throwing and partying days were over.

It got to the point where he only had one thing to look forward to each and every time# Huo Mian was a drug he couldn't get off of. Once he tasted it, he heavily fell for it.

"Right, on a more serious note. I heard that Zhao Qingya suffered quite a lot in jail. You must also know of what goes on inside the women's prison. It's much more terrifying than the men's prison when things get ugly. Don't you feel bad at all?" Wei Liao always liked to gossip, so he would talk about these things with Tang Chuan, and they all knew of what went on with Zhao Qingya inside the prison. Some wealthy kid had a dad who was a major director inside the prison, and so they knew better than anyone how she was doing.

"Feel bad? I'm nice enough to not have her skin ripped off."

Su Yu's eyes grew dark and cold at the thought of Zhao Qingya...

Luckily, nothing happened to Huo Mian, or else Huo Mian's life wouldn't be compensated for even if Zhao Qingya died over ten times.

A fight between women could call for small scheming plots, but how could Zhao Qingya be terrible enough to hire criminals to deal with Huo Mian?

This infuriated Su Yu more than anything#

Luckily, Huo Mian wasn't some average girl, and she had always been able to escape dangers and come out safely#

So naturally, Su Yu knew of Zhao Qingya's life inside the prison, but he wanted to torture her for eight years.

He wanted her to realize her mistake as she lived in pain#

"Ahem# you really don't know how to treat women with care, but why did that woman bother Huo Mian all of a sudden? I don't get it, was Huo Mian someone she thought she could bully? People must have some sort of self-awareness, or else they wouldn't even know how they died."

Wei Liao sighed deeply#

Su Yu didn't say anything; he only held up his phone and looked over and over again at the screen.

He couldn't seem to get over the picture that was taken unintentionally.

- Inside the VIP room of Seductive Fox -

Qin Chu received a call and spoke about work nonstop, while neither Gao Ran nor Zhu Lingling would let go of the mic.

"Choose whichever song you want to hear, I know it all." Zhu Lingling was a bit tipsy, as she stood on the table in her black mini-skirt and leather jacket, looking quite wild.

"You two should sing 'Mortal Love Song' for me," Huo Mian said in all seriousness.

"Are you sure? What music tastes do you have#?" Zhu Lingling stared at Huo Mian in exasperation.

"Uhm# then 'Greatest Chinese Ethnic Style' works too," Huo Mian added. (TL Note: On par with Gangnam Style)

Gao Ran was just drinking beer, and he nearly spat it out when he heard this#

"Qin Chu, is your wife from a tiny village in the middle of nowhere? She's super lame, okay? What year is this, who's still listening to 'Greatest Chinese Ethnic Style'?" Gao Ran asked as he laughed.

Qin Chu was on the phone listening to the reports from his company's executives, as he looked at Huo Mian with eyes full of spoiling adoration.

"My hubby shares the same tastes, are you going to sing or not? If you don't know this song, just say so, why are you trying to find an excuse for yourself?" Huo Mian laughed.

"Who says I don't know it? Of course I do, doesn't it go like this? 'The wide skies are where my heart belongs#'" Zhu Lingling began to roar it out.

Yet she went off tune on the first note...

"Whoa, whoa, your tune ran off to the South Pole. Zhu Lingling, do you dare to shut up?" Gao Ran shouted.

"I don't, hahaha#" Zhu Lingling stood on the table and twisted around her waist to piss off Gao Ran.

Huo Mian burst out laughing when she saw how silly Lingling was#

Just then, Huo Mian's phone suddenly rang, and when she lowered her head to see who it was, her expression changed#