Chapter 489: Such A Flashy Lifestyle (9)

Chapter 489: Such A Flashy Lifestyle (9)
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"I won't tell you," Huo Mian smiled mysteriously.

"Fine, I won't ask if you won't tell me. It definitely has something to do with me anyways." Qin Chu remained proud.

After the two danced, they ate late night snacks together, and Huo Mian drank a lot of red wine, which was rare for her.

Qin Chu prepared three bottles of red wine, but it wasn't enough, and he even had to ask someone to grab another bottle from the wine cellar.

Luckily, this was a new home with a private wine cellar underground, so Huo Mian really let herself loose#

Plus, Qin Chu was in a good mood, and he let her drink as much as she wanted, but in the end#

After Huo Mian and Qin Chu finished the fourth bottle, she suddenly stood up#

Then she walked towards Qin Chu#

She flirtatiously sat in his arms and wrapped her hands around his neck#

Her eyes seemed a bit dazed#

The violinist immediately ran off when he saw this, so he didn't interrupt their couple's world.

"Mian, you're drunk#" Qin Chu rarely saw Huo Mian act so seductive.

He even felt a bit nervous#

"I'm not drunk, I'm very sober." Huo Mian seductively leaned against Qin Chu's ear and breathed.

The soft breathing sounds resulted in a subtle response from Qin Chu's body#

Huo Mian raised her hands to undo Qin Chu's buttons. It looked very daring, but the truth was her technique was clumsy#

Qin Chu didn't know whether to laugh or cry#

"Honey, let me." Qin Chu smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt.

His tanned skin was immediately revealed before Huo Mian's eyes, as her cold hands quietly slid inside#

As she crazily felt around#

Qin Chu's breathing became heavier#

There was only one person in the whole world who could arouse his desires so easily, and that person was Huo Mian.

Even though they had just made love just a little while ago#

Huo Mian seemed to have changed after she drank wine#

Unlike her usual self, she even actively seduced Qin Chu# for the first time.

So Qin Chu mustn't miss this opportunity#

He lowered his head, kissed Huo Mian's white neck, and lightly bit onto it#

Huo Mian felt countless sparks light up inside her body, and it slowly grew hotter.

Her strapless dress was very easy to take off, and as soon as Qin Chu's long fingers lightly pulled on it, her chest immediately became bare to him#

"Honey#" Huo Mian murmured.


"Why are you this handsome...? Your eyes are pretty, and your mouth and nose are pretty too." Huo Mian pouted and placed her finger on Qin Chu's lips.

"In my eyes, you're the prettiest."

"Lies# you're prettier than me."

Qin Chu, "#"

Fine, he admits that his Mian might be a bit embarrassing when she's drunk, but since she was his, he would forgive her this once.

Qin Chu drew close and bit Huo Mian's ruby lips#

"Mhmmm#" Huo Mian seemed to want to say something, but her mouth was blocked by Qin Chu's.

This kiss turned from tender to wild, from gentle to controlling, as if the two were glued together#

Huo Mian only felt herself getting hotter and hotter, as if a furnace was hidden inside her body. She began to slowly melt.

Qin Chu's response was already quite obvious, and the pain in his pants filled him with impatient anticipation#

Meanwhile, Huo Mian suddenly flipped off of Qin Chu's body.

She left Qin Chu, messed up and alone#


"Something on your body is bumping into me, it feels very uncomfortable," Huo Mian dizzily said.

Qin Chu, "#"

He didn't know how to explain to Huo Mian what it was that was bumping into her.

"Honey, we haven't#" Before Qin Chu could finish, Huo Mian's head fell onto the bed with a 'pa', and she fell asleep#

Qin Chu, "#"

He swore that he would never let Huo Mian get drunk, as her tolerance was truly terrible.

She was only responsible for setting the fire but didn't help with extinguishing it#

Qin Chu slightly sighed. He got up, walked into the bathroom, and took a cold shower.

After he came out, he helped Huo Mian out of her dress, and then carefully carried her into bed, holding her in his arms.

In this unforgettable night of Huo Mian's 24th birthday, they fell asleep in their new home, in each other's embrace#

"You're awake?"

Huo Mian opened her eyes to see Qin Chu looking at her when she woke up in the morning.