Chapter 479: 24th Birthday (9)

Chapter 479: 24th Birthday (9)
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After the passionate moment they enjoyed together, Huo Mian, still shy, hid under the covers, unwilling to come out#

Qin Chu, on the other hand, leaned on the headboard and had his arms around Huo Mian. He enjoyed the beautiful evening while reminiscing the love they had just made.

"Honey, I suddenly remembered something."

"What is it?" Qin Chu lovingly caressed her beautiful jet-black hair.

"My old house is being demolished forcibly, and they're only paying us 1,500 yuan per square meter. The scumbags the real estate company hired painted the walls with red paint marks."

"I haven't heard of any new policies, why would someone develop that area? Which company is this? Plus, 1,500 is way too unreasonable; even if it isn't a rich area, it's still worth at least 3,000 yuan per square meter." Qin Chu wasn't surprised; he calmly analyzed the situation.

"It's the Huo Corporation."

"Huo Corporation? I think he's trying to force you into stepping up." Qin Chu immediately guessed that it was Huo Zhenghai's idea.

"He probably still thinks that I'm his daughter, and that's why he's not giving up. He wants me to go back to the Huo Corporation and be their puppet, to help Huo Yanyan and Huo Siyi deal with Huo Siqian."

"That's right, but that's such a despicable move. After all, your mother has lived there for so many years, she might not be able to take it if she were forced to relocate."

"You're right, mom was really agitated, and my brother went back as well. The neighbors didn't agree to relocate either, but they were threatened by the thugs hired by the Huo Corporation. Huo Zhenghai is really pushing me into a corner by doing this, he wants me to submit to him. He realized that my weakness is my mother and that old house."

"What about you? What do you want to do?" Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian rolled her eyes, thinking hard. "I didn't know what to do, you know that even when I didn't know my true identity, I didn't want anything to do with the Huos. Now that I know that I'm not actually his daughter, I'm more indifferent than ever. But# Huo Zhenghai and Shen Jiani don't seem to want to let me off the hook, and they keep trying to coerce me on the matter. So now, I have an idea."

"You want to take the opportunity to go back to Huo Corporation, and then#" Qin Chu didn't need to finish his sentence to realize that the two of them were thinking the same thing.

"Honey, you know me really well." Huo Mian smiled and reached out to coquettishly pinch Qin Chu's handsome chin. My god, God really did spend a bit more time when he was working on Qin Chu.

"But# if you go back to the Huo Corporation, what if you can't get out easily later#" Qin Chu was worried that Huo Mian would be at risk.

"I won't let that happen. With my IQ, I can easily handle Huo Zhenghai, Shen Jiani, Huo Yanyan, and Huo Siyi."

"But don't forget, there's also Huo Siqian."

"On the surface, I'm going back to help Huo Yanyan, but the truth is, I'll be working against them. Therefore# you can say that Huo Siqian and I are on the same side. I can take this opportunity to work with him and achieve more in half the time."

"Working with him is the same as joining the wolves, it's not the best option#"

Qin Chu had been cautious towards Huo Siqian all this time. Although he hasn't done anything, Qin Chu had a feeling that he was an extremely dangerous individual.

During his seven years in the United States, Qin Chu had always been worried that Huo Siqian would make a move on Huo Mian.

That was the only thing he was worried about. But the good thing was, Huo Siqian didn't.

"He's not that smart, don't make him sound like a legend. He's just an ordinary person, and I'm not scared of him, so don't worry."

"Mian# why don't you let me handle this?"

Qin Chu comforted Huo Mian# he seemed to have endless patience with her.

"Honey, do you believe in me?"

"I do, but#"

"That's good enough. Trust me, I want to deal with the Huo Family myself. After all these years, it's time for me to end things with them, once and for all."

Huo Mian had been under the wrath of the Huo Family for years, always known as Huo Zhenghai's infamous illegitimate daughter. Even after she grew up, they harassed her through unspeakable methods, again and again. Today, Huo Zhenghai disregarded his past relationship with Yang Meirong, basically forcing her onto the street.

His actions completely evoke Huo Mian's desire to fight them. For the very first time, she wanted to fight the Huo Family#

The next morning, after Huo Mian arrived at South Side, she called Huo Zhenghai with her cell phone.

"Mr. Huo, I agree to go back and help you, but you must immediately stop the demolishment plan." Huo Mian was very straightforward.