Chapter 477: 24th Birthday (7)

Chapter 477: 24th Birthday (7)
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"Yeah, you're right, we# were never friends," Su Yu looked down and repeated what Huo Mian said.

Su Yu felt like he was crazy in love with Huo Mian, but Huo Mian never once accepted his nice gestures. She didn't want his presents and didn't let him help her with anything#

She was aware of her place from the beginning. She didn't need others to remind her not to get too close with Su Yu#

"I'm sorry, I might've been too harsh, but#" Huo Mian felt bad, seeing Su Yu so battered.

"It's okay, I know how much I'm worth to you. I know that I can't, at least not right now, compete with Qin Chu. But Huo Mian, remember this. Maybe I used to have a sh*t reputation and used to be an asshole, but from now one, from this moment, I'm going to work hard# to become an important person in your life, even if I can't take Qin Chu's place. I want to become someone who is important to you, whether it's your friend or lover. I will work hard to achieve my goal, and I don't plan on giving up."

Su Yu's words shocked Huo Mian to her core#

She didn't think he was joking. Huo Mian was worried, she wanted to make things clear to Su Yu so he didn't keep fantasizing about them.

"Su Yu, don't be like that, we will never be together and will never#"

"There's no such thing as 'never'. God is mysterious, I believe there's a reason why he planned for us to meet. I don't believe he did it just to screw me. Bye." Then, Su Yu turned around to leave before Huo Mian had a chance to respond. (TL Note: Never say never, by Justin Bieber)

Huo Mian was left alone in her office, feeling bad#

Ultimately, relationships have to be a two-way street; she and Qin Chu were perfect right now, although they put a lot of effort and care into maintaining their relationship.

But she knew who she loved and treasured most in this world.

Not only did Su Yu's involvement affect their lives; more importantly, with Su Yu's family background, he didn't have to be known as the 'third person' in anyone's relationship. Plus, Huo Mian never thought of herself as a divine beauty, and there was nothing about her that attracted men. Yet, for some reason, Su Yu seemed to be in a trance, and the only person he wanted was Huo Mian.

Distracted, Su Yu left South Side. He changed out of the weird delivery man outfit and into luxury brand clothing. Then, he drove his eyeball-grabbing Lamborghini all the way to a club.

"Hey, you're here early today." Tang Chuan was surprised to see Su Yu here at the club and not his company.

"You seem to be in a bad mood, what's wrong? You look like you need a woman to satisfy your needs." Wei Liao laughed.

Su Yu didn't say anything; he went up to them, sat down, poured himself a glass of liquor, and drank it all#

"It's her birthday soon."

"Who? Whose birthday?" Tang Chuan was confused.

"Who else? Your mom? Of course the girl he's in love with, who else? Why, do you want to impress Miss Huo on her birthday?" Wei Liao immediately guessed Su Yu's thoughts.

"Yeah, I need some ideas, what should I give her? I want her birthday to be unforgettable."

"That's easy, take your boat out from the dock and sail to international waters. Then, party for 24 straight hours, from dawn to dusk," Tang Chuan suggested.

"Tacky," Su Yu said coldly.

"What about booking Ritz Carlton and throwing her a birthday party? You can invite all the celebrities from your company."

"That's too high profile, the entire world will know about it the next day."

"I'm out of ideas. Wei Liao, it's your turn now." Tang Chuan's two ideas were rejected by Su Yu, so he threw this hot potato over to Wei Liao.

Wei Liao smiled wickedly; Su Yu knew that his mind was up to no good.