Chapter 476: 24th Birthday (6)

Chapter 476: 24th Birthday (6)
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"Su Yu? Why are you dressed like that?"

Huo Mian almost went crazy when he saw Su Yu posing as a delivery boy#

"The media has been following me really closely, so I have to be careful during the day."

"Do you need me for something?"

"Can't I come to see you because I miss you?" Su Yu casually pulled up a chair and sat down from across Huo Mian.

Huo Mian fell silent#

"I'm sorry about Zhao Qingya."

"Don't apologize, it's not your fault." Huo Mian looked up at Su Yu.

"I didn't hurt you, but you were hurt because of me. It's the same thing. It's not my fault, but Zhao Qingya tried to get rid of you because of me. Thank god you're okay, or else I'll regret it forever."

"Don't say that, you sought revenge for me. You sent in the evidence, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I gave her a chance, but she didn't take it. If she told me the truth, I only would have banned her and maybe lock her up for three or four years."

"But she was sentenced to 8 years. I heard that she lost the second trial. You made sure of that, didn't you?" Huo Mian heard from Gao Ran that Zhao Qingya wasn't happy with the results of the initial trial, so she appealed, but the appellate court upheld the original sentence.

"Yeah, 8 years is a light sentence for her."

"It isn't. She's a celebrity, eight years in jail will ruin her."

"Do you feel bad for her?" Su Yu asked her with a smile.

"Of course I don't, I'm just speaking the truth."

"So# is it also the truth that you used me?

Huo Mian froze for a second before replying, "It is the truth, but I didn't do it on purpose."

"It's okay, I don't blame you. Not a lot of people can see through me, but you found my pressure point. God purposely arranged our encounter but didn't give me a fair chance. I think he's playing a joke on me#" Su Yu smiled bitterly.

"So you're here to complain to me?"

"Of course not. I told you, I missed you, so I wanted to come and see you. You're never on Weibo; I keep checking, but you're never on."

"I don't use Weibo often."

"Add me on WeChat."


"Tsk tsk# you're so mean." Su Yu smiled, he didn't think that Huo Mian would be reasonable anyway.

"You got a new car?" He saw an Audi R8 parked at Huo Mian's usual spot.


"Qin Chu's so cheap. If you were my wife, I would buy you a Bugatti Veyron."

Huo Mian, "#"

"I like Audi. It's about the brand and has nothing to do with money."

"Hey, Huo Mian#?" Su Yu's voice suddenly became deep and thoughtful.

"Yeah?" Huo Mian looked up.

"Do you know what I like most about you?"


"I love it when you play an arrogant b*tch, it's so adorable!" Su Yu broke into hysterical laughter.

Huo Mian, "#"

She had to admit that she finally found someone creepier than Huo Siqian 每 Su Yu.

"Get me some water, I'm thirsty."

Huo Mian picked up a disposable cup and poured him some water.

"It's your birthday soon, what do you want as a present?" Su Yu asked nonchalantly after drinking the water.

"How did you know?"

"Haha# if I wanted to, I could get information on anything."

"I don't want anything, you don't have to buy me a present. I won't accept it."

Huo Mian knew that Su Yu always burned money like it was paper# It scared her#

She was never going to accept anything expensive from him.

"As your good friend, I would like to buy you a present. Is that a problem? Don't be such a Miss Prissy Pants, tell me, what do you want? If you want it, if I can get it#"

"Su Yu#" Huo Mian bit down on her lips and said.


"We# were never friends." Huo Mian stared into Su Yu's eyes and said, word for word.

Su Yu felt like something deep down was slowly tearing his heart apart. It was really# really# painful#