Chapter 474: 24th Birthday (4)

Chapter 474: 24th Birthday (4)
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"I think you've mistaken, I don't have a daughter-in-law."

"You're so funny!" Before Qin Chu could answer, Huo Mian walked into their house without a speck of nervousness.

Qin Chu walked in after her and placed the presents by the door.

"Mom, Mian bought these."

"Take it back, I don't want them," Mrs. Qin said angrily.

When her son called this morning to tell her that he was coming home for dinner, she was so excited that she and the housekeeper made 16 of her son's favorite dishes.

However, he also brought back the plague, talk about feeling distressed.

"Where's Dad?"


"Mom, is dinner ready?" Qin Chu asked.

"It is, but# we've only made enough for 3. I didn't think you were bringing someone home," Mrs. Qin emphasized.

Huo Mian smiled, and intimately put her arm around Qin Chu's. "That's okay, my husband won't mind eating less. I'll just eat his portion."

Mrs. Qin was furious; just as she was about to erupt, Qin Chu lovingly caressed Huo Mian's head. "Okay, eat whatever you want, however much you want."

"Okay, I won't hold back."

Huo Mian smiled, completely ignoring Mrs. Qin#

Just then, Qin Yumin came downstairs. "You guys are here?"

"Dad, this is Mian." Qin Chu introduced his wife proudly.

"Hi, Uncle Qin." Huo Mian smiled.

"Uhm, let's sit." Qin Yumin didn't say anything else; he didn't look happy, but he wasn't angry either.

He had already accepted the truth 每 his son was married to this woman.

The four of them sat down by the giant dining table and went through an awkward dinner.

Qin Yumin glanced at Qin Chu. "Chu, come upstairs with me, I need to talk to you about the company."

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with a worried expression on his face; she smiled, as if saying that it was okay for him to go.

Mrs. Qin bared her fangs as soon as Qin Chu left.

She hatefully stared at Huo Mian. "What are you trying to do? What did you tell my son? How did you trick him into bringing you here?"

"I didn't say anything. I remember telling you that I was going to come for dinner a few days ago, did you forget?"

"I can't believe that you actually came. Let me tell you# leave, I don't want to see you again, and take your stupid stuff back with you, I don't want them# I won't accept you# even if you suck up to me and buy me things." Mrs. Qin threw the presents hard onto the floor.

"Ha# you make it sound like I want to accept you. The truth is, I didn't buy any of this, Qin Chu did. Did you really think that I'd spend a penny on you, given our horrible relationship? Don't think too much. You can throw all that away, but you'll be throwing away Qin Chu's money, I don't care. Oh# right, I forgot to tell you, did you see the Audi R8 parked up front? Qin Chu bought it for me as a present. He will buy anything for me as long as I want it. Didn't you say that I wanted a portion of your wealth? You're right, it sure feels good to be rich#"

"You're such a thick-skinned woman, I really don't understand why my son would fall in love with you. I can't believe you have the audacity to say all that in front of me. After everything you did, isn't your ultimate goal to get my son to spend money on you? If you want money, just tell me, I'll give it to you, I don't mind helping the homeless. Once you get money, get the hell out of our faces, you nauseate us."

"I'm sorry, but you won't be able to give me the amount that I want. I want the whole GK Corporation."

"You#" Furious, Mrs. Qin felt short of breath and fell back onto the couch.

Just then, Qin Chu and his father came downstairs#