Chapter 472: 24th Birthday (2)

Chapter 472: 24th Birthday (2)
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"Tell the bureau to handle this matter discreetly; don't let anyone know. As for our company, tell PR to let the media know that Zhao Qingya is leaving the entertainment industry to receive treatment abroad."

"Okay." An nodded.

As soon as Gao Ran, who was at the bureau at the time, received the package, he immediately brought along his people to arrest Zhao Qingya.

The proof was damning. It even had a recording of Zhao Qingya's conversation with the middleman.

There was also proof of Zhao Qingya's assistant paying the middleman, and even a video of Zhao Qingya telling the people she hired to get rid of that female celebrity.

There was so much evidence against her# Gao Ran didn't know who sent all of this, but he did know that Zhao Qingya was screwed.

Because she was a celebrity under Imperial Star, the bureau handled it quietly and immediately detained her.

To the rest of the world, Imperial Star announced that Zhao Qingya had gone abroad to receive treatment; media outlets also reported that she was suffering from depression due to pressure#

Huo Mian was working at South Side Recuperation Center when she saw this news, but she wasn't surprised.

She was sure that Su Yu would look into it; once he figured out what happened, he wouldn't go easy on Zhao Qingya.

She knew that Su Yu was head over heels in love with her right now, so he wasn't going to easily forgive Zhao Qingya.

However, she didn't expect Su Yu to personally send Zhao Qingya to jail#

Because of all the damning evidence and the fact that she was a repeat offender, after the bureau prosecuted her, the court sentenced her to 8 years of jail time.

However, she wasn't convinced of the results and wanted to appeal, so she was now waiting for a second trial.

After Gao Ran handled things, he sent a WeChat message to Huo Mian.

"Did your hubby Qin Chu do this? He's sure heartless, ha, there's so much evidence it's horrifying."

For a woman like Zhao Qingya, 8 years of jail time was equivalent to destroying her entire life.

8 years was more than enough to turn a superstar into a convict; she would lose everything#

All the property and funds under her name had been seized, and even her manager was sentenced to 21 months of jail time for being an accomplice to Zhao Qingya's crimes.

"It wasn't him."

"Then who else can it be?"

"Never mind that. Either way, Qin Chu can't know about this." Huo Mian felt bad that she used Su Yu to do her dirty work.

However, only then would Zhao Qingya be punished.

Huo Mian wasn't Saint Mary; she didn't feel the need to sympathize with a malicious woman like Zhao Qingya.

Su Yu knew Huo Mian well, so even if she didn't say anything, he would still try to find out the truth.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, also knew Su Yu well. That's why she didn't say anything; perhaps Su Yu knew that Huo Mian was using her.

She used him to get rid of Zhao Qingya, but Su Yu didn't regret what he did. He did everything for Huo Mian.

If it weren't for him, Zhao Qingya wouldn't have tried to ruin Huo Mian's life. Every cause had a reason.

She didn't want Qin Chu to do anything, because if he faced Zhao Qingya head on, it might anger Su Yu.

After all, you had to look at who the owner was before hitting his dog#

"Okay, I got it, Goddess Huo. You need to be careful in the future, don't get yourself into trouble again. Zhu Lingling and I were scared to death."

"Since when did you start saying 'Zhu Lingling and I'?" Huo Mian asked with a smile on her face.

"Ahem# no, you must've misunderstood. What I meant was, we're both good friends of yours, and we both worry about you."

"Don't worry, I work in the medical industry, I can bring with me a bunch of meds to scare them off." Huo Mian laughed.

"Okay, medical professionals sure are scary. I will never marry a doctor; if we get into a fight or if I cheat, I might be injected to death."

Huo Mian laughed aloud, "So# now you know why Qin Chu's so scared of me?"

"Haha, let's get serious though. Your birthday is in a couple of days, how do you want to celebrate it?"

"You remembered." Huo Mian was surprised.

"Both Qin Chu and Zhu Lingling mentioned it to me. We were thinking of making your birthday unforgettable."

"How can it be unforgettable if you've already told me ahead of time?"

"Do you know what Qin Chu's giving you as a birthday present?" Gao Ran asked mysteriously.