Chapter 471: 24th Birthday (1)

Chapter 471: 24th Birthday (1)
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"Miss Zhao Qingya did try to get rid of Miss Huo, but she failed. Miss Huo escaped and even contacted the police. Those people are currently being held at a detention cell in the Municipal Public Security Bureau; they didn't undergo trial yet because they couldn't find proof that Zhao Qingya was behind all this."

Then, An handed him a thick stack of documents and photos#

Su Yu finally understood everything that happened; his expression grew grim as he realized what Zhao Qingya tried to do.

"How dare she#"

"She probably thinks that since she's a superstar under Imperial Star, and nothing will happen to her," An guessed.

"An, take all the evidence you found and send it to Captain Gao Ran at the Municipal Public Security Bureau."

"President Su, then Zhao Qingya will end up#"

"Go, it's what I want." After President Su finished his sentence, he leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes.

An hour later, Zhao Qingya, who had just finished her press conference, was walking back to her lounge when she was stopped by Gao Ran and a couple of other policemen.

"Miss Zhao Qingya, am I right? I am Captain Gao Ran of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Can you please come with us back to the bureau? We can have some tea."

Zhao Qingya's expression changed drastically#

"Tea? Captain Gao, you are great at telling jokes."

"Miss Zhao, I never kid. Please come back with us to the bureau."

"Do you know who I am?" Zhao Qingya was getting a little angry.

"Of course we do. We also know the things you've done."

"You're funny, Captain Gao. If you are a fan of mine, I'd be happy to sign an autograph or take a photo with you. But I'm afraid I won't be able to go with you guys, as I have other places to be."

"Oh yeah? In that case, I'm sorry. Arrest her."

Upon hearing Gao Ran's command, two policemen immediately went up and grabbed her.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let me go!" Zhao Qingya struggled with all her might.

"Which bureau are you guys from? Do you know who our boss is? If you piss off Mr. Su, you'll regret it. Hurry up and let go of Miss Zhao Qingya." Her manager tried to scare them using Su Yu's name.

"Haha# where I am, as long as there's proof, even the Monkey King himself can't be saved. Wait, I lied. He can probably save himself, but you are done."

Then, the policemen took Zhao Qingya away#

As they were leaving, Su Yu came out from the lounge#

Zhao Qingya's face lit up at the sight of Su Yu. "President Su, save me. President Su, these policemen want to take me."

She knew that everything would be fine as long as Su Yu said something, or if he called the director of the bureau.

That was how powerful the Su Family was#

However, Su Yu was emotionless as he coldly scanned Zhao Qingya's face that had been through countless injections of hyaluronic acid.

"Qingya# remember that I gave you a chance."

"President Su#"

"But you didn't treasure it. Go on, you deserved it."

Then, Su Yu headed out the door, with An following closely behind him#

"President Su, save me, don't leave me, President Su#" Zhao Qingya cried her heart out; she had a feeling that if she went to jail, everything would go down the drain.

The truth was, Su Yu did give her a chance. If she had told him the truth about everything when he asked her, she wouldn't have been punished like this.

But# she thought that she would get lucky this time too. Zhao Qingya always pretended to be innocent and didn't think that Su Yu would be so heartless to her.

Of course, she never knew, not even when she was in jail, that Su Yu was the one that provided all the evidence and destroyed her himself.

He knew what she did to that female celebrity years ago, but he didn't like that woman either so he didn't interfere.

But this time, things were different. She tried to hurt Huo Mian, the only woman that Su Yu had ever liked in all these years.

"President Su, what should we do now?" After all, Zhao Qingya was a celebrity under their company, so they had to be discreet in handling the situation. Therefore, An carefully asked Su Yu what he planned on doing.