Chapter 470: Running for Her Life (10)

Chapter 470: Running for Her Life (10)
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"President Su, I think it was because I gave her a purse when I visited you at South Side back then. She thought I insulted her and began hating me."

"From what I know, Huo Mian won't get mad for such pitiful reasons. If she was mad enough to slap you, then you must've done something unforgivable."

Dumbfounded, Zhao Qingya looked at Su Yu#

She was surprised at how well Su Yu knew Huo Mian. She didn't say anything, but Su Yu basically guessed it all. It was horrifying.

"President Su, that's not what happened! She's not as simple as you think, really, she's got ways."

"Yes, she does have ways," Su Yu agreed with what she said.

"I don't know what I did for her to come and cause a scene here, really, she scared me to death just now when she came in. I don't know what I did for her to slap me like that. I've really been wronged, President Su# you have to help me, that nurse is so arrogant, I've never had to endure anything like this since I signed with Imperial Star."

Then, Zhao Qingya sat down on the couch and began crying her eyes out#

Any other man would have been heartbroken#

Zhao Qingya was right; ever since she signed with Imperial Star, she used her own manipulating skills, feigned innocence, along with Su Yu's favor for her to defeat countless enemies. No one aside from Su Yu was capable of suppressing her, which made her more arrogant than ever.

Seeing her cry like that, Su Yu bent down in front of her#

He grabbed a tissue from his suit pocket and gently wiped away her tears#

The sudden gentleness pleasantly surprised Zhao Qingya#

"President Su#"

"Qingya, tell me, what did you do to Huo Mian?" Su Yu's voice was gentle and mesmerizing.

"I# I didn't do anything."

"Qingya, this is your last chance to tell me the truth."

"I really didn't do anything, you have to believe me, President Su#" Zhao Qingya had been with Su Yu for such a long time. Despite Su Yu's interest in Huo Mian, she was still a newcomer. Therefore, Su Yu would definitely trust what Qingya said, he was just trying to fish things out of her. At least that was what she thought was going on.

Therefore, she reiterated her stance#

What she didn't notice was the hint of disappointment that flashed before Su Yu's eyes upon hearing what she said#

"Okay, I got it."

Then, Su Yu got up to leave#

"President Su#"

"Get ready and reapply your makeup. The press conference is starting soon." Then, Su Yu left the room.

As soon as he did, his expression became icy#


"President Su."

"Go investigate something for me, remember to find out everything. I need to know every little detail."

"Got it, President Su."

An was a young man in his early twenties. He was skinny and small and had average looks.

He was one of Su Yu's assistants. He was quiet and didn't have any friends. During large-scale events, he would quietly follow Su Yu like a loyal bodyguard.

After what happened, Su Yu was no longer interested in attending the press conference. Zhao Qingya, on the other hand, went onto the stage with a thick layer of makeup on, and casually answered the questions of various media outlets. She was good at pretending; in front of others, she was still a popular celebrity.

- An hour later -

"President Su, I found out what happened." Su Yu's private assistant reported back.

"Tell me."