Chapter 467: Running for Her Life (7)

Chapter 467: Running for Her Life (7)
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"Oh. I had a small accident. I'm fine so I didn't tell you, but the car got scratched," Huo Mian said carefully, occasionally stealing a glance at Qin Chu in case he found out that she was lying...

"I'm glad you're fine. Drive carefully."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded and sighed with relief.

"I'll order you a new car with better safety features. Forget the old car."


"No buts, just accept it." Qin Chu stopped her rejection in its tracks.

"Okay, thank you Mr. Qin." Huo Mian hung around his neckline and giggled like an innocent child.

Since they both woke up late, they ended up skipping breakfast. Huo Mian hopped into Qin Chu's Maybach and was soon on her way to work.

By the time Huo Mian got to her office, some take-out breakfast was already on her desk.

"Head Nurse, someone just delivered it."

At a glance, Huo Mian knew it was Qin Chu who had sent the delivery from the brand of soymilk and deep-fried dough sticks. Only he knew which restaurant and what kind of food she liked.

During lunchtime, Huo Mian picked up a call from Zhixin.

"Sis, hurry home, something happened."

Huo Mian drove home immediately in fear that her mother needed her. However, before she even arrived at the door, she saw the notices of demolishment on the house walls.

"Zhixin, what's going on?"

Huo Mian quickly walked in and saw Zhixin sitting down by the tree within the courtyard with their mother.

Yang Meirong was bawling while Zhixin comforted her.

"Sis, our house is being demolished."

"Demolished?" Huo Mian froze.

"Yes. Apparently, a company bought the land. They want to make this area into an office building. If it was just a simple demolishment, it wouldn't be a big deal. But the reimbursement they gave us was very low. We will only be compensated 1,500 yuan for every square meter. Our house plus the garden is only around a hundred square meters, so it would only be twenty-or-so thousand. With that amount of money, we wouldn't even be able to afford a down payment anywhere in the city. Mom, Auntie Wu, and the others are reluctant to move and decided to stay and protest, but some mobsters came and vandalized our place. They threatened to mow us down with a tractor if we refused to move."

"That's ridiculous! Those @ssholes! Who gave them the right to do so?" Huo Mian was sad and angry at the same time. She never thought the things she saw on the news would ever happen to her one day.

"Mom, don't be scared. I won't let them get what they want."

"We shouldn't mess with those scoundrels. It's okay, I'm old, it's not a big deal anymore. But it's your brother and your safety that I'm worried about. I can go talk to Auntie Wu, we'll move for 1,500 yuan per square meter."

"Mom, no. This is not about the money, it's about our rights. I won't tolerate it. Don't worry, let me handle it."Huo Mian got up as she finished speaking...

She was just about to call Qin Chu and ask him to find out the name of the company when Zhixin wandered over and whispered to her, "Sis, do you know the company that is looking to demolish our place?"

"Don't tell me it's GK," fear crept up on her as she asked.

"How can it be? What are you thinking! Qin Chu wouldn't do that." Zhixin smiled.

"Well then, which is it?" confused, Huo Mian asked.

"It's# the Huo Corporation." Zhixin whispered.

"The Huo Corporation?" Huo Mian replied in surprise.

"Sis, keep it down! If Mom found out about this she would surely go pick a fight with them. Remember when Huo Yanyan and her mother came in a couple of days ago? Our mom chased them out, so maybe they're taking revenge on us?"

"Humph. Huo Yanyan doesn't have that much power..." Huo Mian turned around and walked out.

"Sis, where are you going?" Zhixin called out after her.

"To show them they shouldn't mess with us!" Huo Mian got into the car, floored the gas pedal and arrived at the Huo Corporation's Headquarters.

"Huo Siqian, you asshole. Get the hell out!" Huo Mian swore out of anger. She knew the Huo Corporation was now almost entirely ruled by Huo Siqian, so he must know about the forced demolition and relocation.